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10 Rules that Help Build Mass and Muscle

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If you are lacking the information one needs to jump-start the process to build mass and muscle, you’ve come to the very fine place; you will know everything it takes for a person to start building muscle the right way.

How Can You Build Mass and Muscle?

Building muscle and mass is easy when you have knowledge and information regarding the topic; if you don’t know how to achieve this goal, how you’re going to put your efforts into work?

With the right information and steps one needs, it is easier to work for the process to build mass.

10 Steps to Build Mass and Muscle:

Everyone wants to typically build mass, but most people don’t want to follow the rules. They want to exercise when they want, eat what they want and magically expect to build muscle and mass. Unfortunately, life isn’t that easy.

In this blog article, I’m going to share 10 rules for building mass:

  1. Free Weights > Everything 

If you really want to build mass fast, you need to hit the big boy weights.

Machines are great for toning or burning fat, but it’s not going to help you mass at the speed you’re probably looking to do so.

Stop hitting the machines and start lifting the free weights.

The wider array of motions that you can achieve with dumbbells exceeds the level of exercise you would get with any other machines.

  1. Don’t Hurt Yourself

This is common-sense, but yet so many people still hurt themselves like idiots.

Know your limits especially if you’re just starting out.

If someone next to you is lifting a lot, that doesn’t mean you should be to.

Focus on your own goals and personal development over impressing others.

If you can’t lift it, don’t do it.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t push yourself – just don’t be an idiot.

  1. Experiment 

You’re not going to find the best mass gain exercises for you overnight.

It takes time and often you must read tons of books and material to figure it out.

Be open-minded and willing to try an array of different exercises until you find the right one for yourself.

Finding the perfect workout routine can take months.

  1. Find Your Weakest Areas

It’s pretty easy to find out which parts of your body are the weakest.

If you can’t tell by just looking at them, start lifting and you’ll immediately know.

If you can curl 30′s with your biceps but can’t do tricep workouts with 15′s – you know that your triceps are weaker than your biceps.

Once you’ve been able to pinpoint your weaknesses, work on making them stronger.

  1. More Weight, Less Reps

If you’re trying to build mass, stop trying to do 20 reps per set.

That’s not doing you any good because it’s too easy and you end up just toning whatever muscle you’re working on.

Add on a ton of weight and do less reps.

I typically recommend people to do their maximum weight while doing 4-5 sets of 6 reps each.

  1. There Is No Right Number of Exercises

Many people say that they can only do 10 exercises in one day otherwise they will not have an efficient workout. That’s a bunch of BS!

Setting a limitation on the number of exercises you do is just a lazy way of getting out of the gym early.

Sometimes you may do 8 workouts and other days you may do 20. It just depends on how much you can take and how big you really want to get.

  1. Protein Up

Your eating is extremely important.

If you want to gain muscle, just lifting alone won’t do it. You need to eat a lot of food, protein especially.[1]

Find a way to get protein in your meal whether it’s through supplements or actionable meals and make sure your foods are on point so that you can mass.[2]

  1. Max Out Every Now & Then

Maxing out is the art of lifting the most weight you possibly can before leaving the gym.

Maxing out is extremely crucial for those who mass because while it is painful, it pushes your muscles to grow and stretch like they have never before.

Max out and you’ll be building more mass than you can imagine.

  1. Keep Pumping

If your muscles can move even an inch, your workouts aren’t done.

Don’t be lazy, get back in the weight room and keep pumping until you cannot move your muscles even by an inch.

You’ll know when your done and trust me it’s a lot later than you think you’re done.

  1. Push Yourself

You’re not going to wake up one morning after a workout and be the hulk. It takes time, energy, and effort to be able to successfully gain weight.

If you’re looking for mass weight gain, it’s going to take you some time.

You need to push yourself to stay the course and motivate yourself to keep hitting the gym harder and harder.


Work hard, eat well and push yourself. In short, that’s what the 10 rules to build mass and muscle are.