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101 Guide on Low Carbohydrate Diet

low carbohydrate diet

If you don’t know what low carbohydrate diet is, read on to get to know everything that exist about low car diets.

Low carbohydrate diet is for short-term goals; you can’t achieve to get into shape, get rid of fat, and live healthier for a long time but for the specific period of time.

Are low carb diets healthy?

Low carbohydrate diets seem to be the diets recommended by most of the trainers out there.

In this diet, you cut down on carbs such as rice, bread, potatoes and so on.
You are allowed to have meals consisted of meats and vegetables along with fruits.

Although not many would recommend a low carb diets, you can use this diet to achieve short-term goals.

Theory Behind Low Carbohydrate Diet:

Let’s discuss the theory behind low carbohydrate diet. Like how car is basically fueled with gasoline, the human body is fueled with blood honey known as glucose.

Carbs are one of the main sources of blood honey for the human body. But, if you increase the intake of carbs, your body will start discharging a lot of insulin which in turn makes energy to be stored as fat in the body. This is exactly what we don’t want. But, when we reduce the intake of carbs, the body discharges glucagon which converts stored fat into glucose in turn reducing the fat content from the body.

Low Carbohydrate Diet – Everything You Need to Know About:

Having known the above points and theory, let’s look at what we can eat on a low carbohydrate diets.

Normally a low carbohydrate diet always encourages the consumption of meats, seafood, a lot of vegetables, few fruits and capon. It also allows you to have a proportion of delicious dishes that are low on carbs.

There are both good and bad carb foods that you must know about.

Protein: You can have any form of meat, seafood and capon provided you don’t use a lot of carbs. Processed meats like sausages, meatballs, nuggets, and meatloaf are not advised because they contain added sugar and carbs which will just goof everything up.

Veggies: All vegetables are not permitted. You can have vegetables like Avocado, Beet Greens, asparagus, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, garlic, cucumber, spinach, tomato, zucchini, onion, radish, shallot, mushroom, collard greens, celery, dandelion greens, eggplant, okra, endive, garlic, escarole.

Fruits: You can have adequate quantities of the following fruits: Blackberry, Boysenberry, Gooseberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Lime, Mulberry.

Note: Not all of the ingredients mentioned above will help you to achieve your goals for a long-term period which is why we recommend you to not adapt this diet unless you are an actor who wants to burn some calories and build some muscle weight for an upcoming movie in a short time, but allow yourself to have an effective eating schedule, weight training, diet plan, and muscle building workout for you to be healthier for a long time – this will be time consuming but this will worth the time.

Conclusion: If you think on the points and theory of low car diet that we mentioned above, you’ll realize that there is nothing you need to know about low carb diets but to work for them if you want to.