101 Guide on Protein Shakes to Gain Weight and Muscle

101 Guide on Protein Shakes to Gain Weight and Muscle

protein shakes to gain weight

This article is a detailed guide on protein shakes to gain weight and build muscle and tells how you you should be choosing your diet, eating schedule, weight training, lifestyle, and supplements.

Protein Shakes to Gain Weight and Muscle – Overview:

Bodybuilding and muscle toning can be very strenuous, not to mention energy draining. Aside from that, you will need to take in a lot of carbohydrates and protein every single day for you to achieve your goals—one difficult feat considering that entails you eating double or even triple of the rice, bread, meat, fish, and vegetable servings you usually get.

So, what choice do you have left if you can’t eat as much as you are supposed to? It is ideal to get protein shakes to gain weight along with the right workout and diet plans.

Loving Your Protein Shakes

If you carefully read what was written earlier, you probably already have an idea why it is a must for you to take protein shakes: basically, it is because you want or, rather, need to take in a lot of protein.

That is not highly feasible by just eating all day long, so you will need to take in other stuff that will supply your body with your needed amount of proteins without risking your health from overheating and its consequences.

It is such an accepted knowledge, in fact, that basically no bodybuilding expert or veteran goes a day without it.

If you are still averse with the idea or in doubt of protein shakes, then let us give you some important benefits you can get from them:

Recuperation – more than just the building of muscles, protein is also key to fast healing of our body tissues, cells, and muscles.

As earlier mentioned, bodybuilding is highly strenuous; without enough rest and essential nutrients, specifically protein, it will take you days or even weeks to fully recuperate—a no-no if you are still developing a bodybuilding habit or somebody who is already deep into one.

Boosted immune system – aside from damaged muscles, you have to be aware that your immune system is weakened every time you work out, especially if you undertake intensive weight training. This makes you vulnerable to sickness and diseases that can disrupt your routine and even make you lose a lot of weight instead of gain some.

Muscle development – at the end of the day, we have to consider protein shakes to gain weight. Of course, you want that weight to be composed of pure muscles. That is attainable by eating good portions of solid food and drinking protein shakes to hasten food breakdown and nutrient distribution.

Savings – considering protein shakes will allow you to refrain buying and eating a lot more solid foods, you can just imagine how much you can save from these supplements.

Balancing Your Protein Shake Diet

While protein shakes to gain weight and build muscle is a great option, you still have to remember that there are limitations you have to follow.

Two of the top limitations you have to keep in mind are the following:

Limitation 1

The first limitation is the fact that, regardless of how nutritious they are, protein shakes are still supplements. They shouldn’t and can’t fully replace real food.

That is why you must only take protein shakes in moderation, as replacement for some small meals or after intense training. Otherwise, you will end up losing weight and weakening your system.

Limitation 2

Second limitation is all about the ingredients included in your protein powder. Yes, most protein powders are packed with nutrients you need, but the thing is that some of them are also packed with questionable ingredients such as aspartame, fructose, and saccharin—sweeteners and sugar compounds that do not do any good for your body.

If you are going to get protein powders, then you have to be very picky and wary of ingredients. You should take note not only of prices but also what they are made of. That is the only way to stay fit and healthy while incorporating protein shakes with your diet.

Choosing Your Protein Powder

Today, there are literally hundreds of protein powder types that you can easily be confused which one to take.

To be honest, your choice protein may be based on your established diet and preferences.

Nonetheless, if you are having difficulties distinguishing one from the other, let us give you an overview of the different protein powders:

Whey Protein – the most popular type of protein, whey offers 3 important benefits, namely, rapid digestion, immune system boost, and muscle development help.

With high levels of amino acid and being highly digestible, whey protein makes for an outstanding and quick fix before, during, and after workout.

Soy Protein – the vegetarian’s choice, soy protein has been said to help alleviate diseases, including risks of cancer and cholesterol levels.

The only problem with it is that some health organizations have claimed that it is not as helpful as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced.

Casein Protein – there are a lot of benefits you can get from casein protein, but the two most vital ones are increased muscle retention and fat loss.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that casein does not digest as fast as whey. Given that, it is best to take casein protein when you do not need immediate energy or protein source.

Protein Blend – as its name suggests, protein blend is a mix of various protein such as whey concentrate, whey isolate, casein, and even soy, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to get the best out of the most popular protein powders.

If you want to make things work fast and easy, then protein shakes to gain weight should be a top consideration for you.

It will help you develop and heal your muscles faster, give you the extra energy whenever you need, and even help you boost your immune system.