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12 Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight to Avoid

unhealthy ways to lose weight

Unhealthy ways to lose weight are so many and unluckily the ones we too adopt in order to lose weight fast without knowing whether they are harmful or not – starving ourselves is an example.

Knowing Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight:

There are number of ways you can actually and effectively lose weight but knowing what’s unhealthy for your own self is crucial and important.

The problem most people choose the unhealthy way to lose weight is because there is so much information that exist online where a person gets lost not knowing what works the best. If a person sticks to some of the well-known and effective weight loss ways that work (like exercising with proper diet), he gets healthy and fit without harming himself/ herself.

12 Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight:

To avoid conflictions and getting lost in so much data about losing weight faster and safer, we had to come up with the list of unhealthy ways to lose weight and this is what this article is all about.

Below are 12 most common unhealthy ways to lose weight:

  1. Starving
  2. Missing onto Meals
  3. Dieting and not Exercising
  4. Drugs and Pills
  5. Smoking
  6. Stress
  7. Over-Exercising
  8. Purging
  9. Avoiding Carbs
  10. Focusing only on Proteins
  11. Trendy Diets
  12. Not Sleeping

1 – Starving:

First of unhealthy ways to lose weight is starving.

Most people believe the idea of starving in order to lose weight and that’s just a myth; starving doesn’t help lose weight in any way possible but weakens your body and functional parts.

For those who don’t know what starving is, it’s causing oneself to stay hungry for as long as he/ she can.

2 – Missing onto Meals:

People think if they eat breakfast, skip lunch, and then eat dinner, they’ll be able to lose weight which is true; you will lose weight but that won’t be safer for yourself and your body.

Also, sometimes you might not even lose weight if you skip meals. It’s because skipping meals makes your metabolism go lower thus making you actually gain weight.

Missing onto meals aka skipping meals doesn’t help you lose weight in a healthy way but makes you weaker than before.

3 – Dieting and not Exercising:

We’ve discussed this in our website so many times that if you are preferring diet as your only ingredient for weight loss (excluding exercise), you might lose weight but that won’t be as effective and safe as it would be if you did dieting with exercise as well.

Other than that, even if you lose weight, there will come a time where you’ll regain the weight you lost using diet only.

4 – Drugs and Pills:

We all know what these are and in case you don’t know, they are all these products that promise you the magic weight loss without doing anything but using them. They are all myths are dangerous.

Some of these drugs and pills might even aid you in losing weight but their side effects are more than just weight loss. Many drugs and pills are found to damage your brain and heart.

5 – Smoking:

“Smoking kills” – you might have heard of this one. That’s undoubtedly true.

Smoking might help you lose weight but what weight matters when you don’t even have life left?

This is one of unhealthy ways most people often adopt and don’t even think about.

6 – Stress:

This one is real unhealthy and proven way to lose weight.

If you are always in stress, you might lose weight but that’s not healthy.

You might have already seen people who are thin but are always in stress.

7 – Over-Exercising:

If you’re exercising for more than what is required for your body, you’re in danger. No more amount of exercise than that of required will in any way aid you.

If you’re really targeting healthy weight loss, exercising more won’t help you; what will help is exercising less with effective diet plan.

8 – Purging:

People believe purging helps lose weight but that does not. When you eat some food, 80% of its nutrition and elements are already absorbed by body – so throwing off anything that’s already absorbed by body makes no sense.

This indeed is the worst idea of losing weight people believe in.

9 – Avoiding Carbs:

Carbohydrates are essential for our bodies and there’s no way we can overlook using them in our diet and intake – if you do so, you’re making harm to yourself.

But, you can choose between the types of carbs you are ingesting; there happens to be two types of carbs known as good carbs and bad carbs.

10 – Focusing only on Proteins:

Focusing only on proteins is wrong way to lose weight. One needs to focus on calories and fats as well without which there is no health; our bodies need fats and calories to help shaping and healthiness.

Other than that, healthy fats help you lose weight as well.

11 – Trendy Diets:

Trendy diets aka fad diets are harmful.

You are not allowed to switch between diets – and if you do, you are causing your body to manage a vast change which in most cases makes you pay for it.

Stick to a diet that’s proven to be working for you and don’t jump into any other diet just because you think it’s something new and it’s working for people.

Remember that not the same diet works for all people.

12 – Not Sleeping:

You might have not heard of this one but this is real.[1]

If you’re not taking the amount of sleep required (which in most cases is 8 hours a day), you’ll notice that you’re losing somewhat of weight.

Now this might look good to you but this is one of unhealthy ways to lose weight and is not recommended for a person.