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12 Week Weight Loss Plan that Works

12 week weight loss plan

Losing weight can become an ordeal if you are not following a proper diet and a proper plan which is why we have for you a 12 week weight loss plan that actually works.

A healthy and smart diet is the key to lose considerable weight in the period of three months. In addition to your diet, an effective exercise program and an effective eating schedule are what you would need to burn the calories and lose more pounds. An effective weight loss program to aid weight loss in 12 weeks can be successful if it has all the right ingredients specially designed to suit you.

12 Week Weight Loss Plan Overview:

Keeping count of calories of each food you consume is very important as the total calories you consume per day contribute to the number of pounds you lose.

If you want to achieve a weight loss of 50-60 pounds with our 12 week weight loss plan then you have to prepare a diet chart and exercise/ weight training schedule for every week and follow them strictly.

This is the only way to achieve a healthy and methodical weight loss without starving yourself.

This weight loss program would definitely be useful if you take efforts to customize it to suit your body, lifestyle and eating habits.

12 Week Weight Loss Plan:

Following is our 12 week weight loss plan that you should be focusing on, from now on, if you want to lose weight faster and safer in 12 week.

You should not fall trap to the in numerous diets and exercise regimens on the internet as most of them may be unrealistic or plain unsuitable for you.

  • Firstly, you can prepare your own diet chart which would make the whole thing easier for you.
  • Calculate the calories of foods you plan to consume and it is necessary that you reduce your daily consumption by at least 500-800 calories in order to lose a maximum of 5 pounds per week.
  • Plan your meals and exercises on weekly basis and maintain a weight loss calendar too to monitor your weight loss.

To aid your weight loss in 12 weeks, a sample diet with options for every meal for a period of one week is given below.

You can have cereal, fruit and milk for the break fast and we recommend that having. You can also have bran wheat flakes cereal, whole meal crumpets with honey, French toast with baked beans,, wheat biscuits, muesli, oatmeal, a combination of nuts and seeds, poached eggs, sourdough toast, whole meal toasts or cooked mushrooms if you want. In order to clean up your body and enhances your metabolism, you can have a table spoon of honey.

For morning and evening snacks, you can have muesli bar, raisin toast, protein shake, tuna can, crumpets, smoked salmon English muffins or skinny cappuccino. You include fruits like cherries, apricot, dry roasted almonds, a fruit snack or a banana.

For lunch, you have several options like sushi hand rolls, tuna dish, a salad based on sweet corn, tuna and cottage cheese salad sandwich, vegetable and ham slice or beef salad. Along with one from the options given you can include a mixture of fruits and nuts, apple, diet coke, green grapes or orange juice without sugar.

Dinner may include low fat yogurt, oatmeal, pretzels, low-fat cheese, and roasted low-fat chicken, soup with tofu, ham spaghetti, cooked brown or wild rice. You can have a dessert too provided you have one from options like slightly salted popcorn, mango yogurt, skimmed milk, banana fritter or strawberry meringues.

There are both snacks and foods that help lose weight as well.

Though many options are given above for your every meal, you should consume them in moderation so as to keep a check on your calorie consumption. You have to count the calories of each of your meal and make sure that you consume 500-850 calories less from your regular daily consumption. For example, if you have been consuming 3000 calories on a daily basis, you should cut it down to 2200-2500 calories per day to lose up to five pounds in a week. Do not forget to do your cardio and strength exercises daily in order to lose more weight.

If you follow our 12 week weight loss plan and do your intense exercises regularly for increasing duration then you are sure to achieve considerable weight loss in 12 weeks.