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2 Liquid Diet Recipes for Quick Weight Loss

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Liquid Diet Recipes are too many but not all of them matter; you need the right recipe that is more potential and safer than the ones that harm your body and health – liquid diet plans are effective but you need to be consistent with your diet plans.

Asian women are applying liquid diet plan for several years to get rid of fat quickly. Today we are going to examine some of the hazards and dangers you will want to prevent during a liquid diet plan for losing weight, and exactly how you’ll be able to increase the fat-burning potential of the process dramatically.

Now you’re not going to learn each of the tricks and tips Asian women used to have in this short article. Nevertheless, you may make up some liquid diet weight loss suggestions that could allow you to get on the path to your body you deserve without having suffering (get into shape).

Liquid Diet Recipes:

Following are two of the best liquid diet recipes you can ever come across:

1 – The Cheng Fat-Burner Family Recipe:

You need to provide your body using the right nutrition when over a liquid diet weight loss plan so they won’t harm to your immune system, major organs, or brain.

To achieve this you will want primary ingredients that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which could clear free-radicals from your body quickly.

Here is one particular great liquid meal replacement which is within my Chinese family for a long time and works remarkably to lose weight naturally:

Cheng Fat-Burner Family Soup Recipe:


3/4 head of cabbage (chop up, cleaned

2 carrots (peeled with thinner slices)

3 green peppers (de-seed, cut into small pieces)

1 package variety soup mix (pick you favorite low-sodium packet)

5 green onions (large, cut into pieces)

2 cans of tomatoes (dice)

1/2 package of mushrooms (sliced)

1 cube of bouillon (best for taste)

A little pinch garlic powder


Clean all veggies, cut and prep. Saute green onions fully. Mix in carrots, cabbage, mushroom, tomatoes, green peppers and bouillon. Pour 9 glasses of water in the mix and bring to some boiling. Cover using a lid and lower heat to low. Use the soup mix according to the directions as printed. Cook the soup for about 2 hours and season with salt, pepper and any spices you may like.

2 – Turkey Brown Rice Congee Recipe:

Another recipe that I’d want you to look upon and try out is Turkey Brown Rice Congee Recipe because of its richness in potential to burn fat faster and get you in shape quicker than ever before.

Turkey Brown Rice Congee Recipe:


1/4 cup glutinous white rice

1/2 cup medium grain brown rice

1 turkey carcass


Place turkey carcass in a large pot and cover it with water. Turn the heat on and let it boil for 2 hours constantly. After that, strain broth. Now put both white rice and brown rice in a bowl while rinsing and straining them. Transfer rice from bowl to large pot that has turkey carcass and let it boil until soft and porridge-like in consistency appears. Add more water or broth if needed.

A reminder In What Will Go Wrong:

When attempting any liquid diet weight loss program you have to know that your margin for mistake is low, meaning you cannot skip a single liquid meal, you need to have a daily multi-vitamin, plus you’ve got to watch how you’re feeling very closely. If for some reason you’re feeling light-headed, or dizzy, you need some food and stop whichever liquid diet weight loss program you’re on.

Always be safe and take action instantly if the your body feels a little “off”.