25 Causes of Weight Loss You Never Knew

Causes of weight loss are many and it depends on the type of weight loss that occurs in your body – it is must for us to know the types before we can get to know the causes relating to weight loss.

Weight Loss occurs in two types. One is, when you’re intentionally working out and doing everything it takes to lose weight, burn fat, and get into shape. Other is, when you lose weight without knowing the cause – it is when the real struggle starts to begin (to fight and cure weight loss before you’re damaged).

Weight Loss Causes When It Comes to Unintentional Weight Loss:

If you’re losing weight all of sudden and you think it is unintentional, you need be very serious because of the capability of the type of weight loss that you’re dealing with – such type of weight loss can harm you to extent and might get you killed.

25 Potential Causes of Weight Loss:

Following are the causes of weight loss that’s unintentional and you need to be very serious about them – they can get you killed:

  1. Addison’s disease (adrenal insufficiency): Endocrine disorder in which the production of steroid hormones by adrenal glands is decreased or stopped.
  2. Cancer: A disease that has the capability to grow more abnormal cells in different parts of body.
  3. Cholecystitis: A disease that causes your gallbladder to inflame.
  4. Dementia: The combination of many disease that make you it harder for you to decide between better choices, remember anything, think better, or understand any language – they cause memory losses, thinking ability, and relatable; they damage your brain.
  5. Dental problems: Different diseases that occur in mouth (gums, teeth, and relatives).
  6. Depression: A major depressive disorder
  7. Diabetes: A disease that causes your blood sugar, or blood glucose, levels to increase.
  8. Heart failure: A condition in which your heart seems to be not working properly – pumping enough blood to the body to meet its requirements.
  9. HIV/AIDS: An infection that causes different harmful conditions one doesn’t want.
  10. Hypercalcemia: Increase of calcium level in one’s blood, above than normal.
  11. Celiac disease: A disorder that causes damage in your small intestine when you ingest gluten stuff.
  12. Substance abuse (alcohol, cocaine, other): Involvement in addiction activities/ substances and dependency on them.
  13. Tuberculosis: A disease caused by growth in nodules in the tissues.
  14. Ulcerative colitis: An inflammatory disease that causes inflammation to last longer than it should, in your digestive tract.
  15. Changes in diet or appetite.
  16. Changes in sense of smell.
  17. Changes in sense of taste.
  18. COPD: (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and other lung diseases.
  19. Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid): A disease that causes overreaction of thyroid gland with excessive amount of thyroid hormones.
  20. Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid): A disease that causes thyroid gland to make lesser thyroid hormones that the body needs.
  21. Medications.
  22. Diarrhea.
  23. Parkinson’s disease: A disease that occurs in nervous system that causes muscular rigidity, tremor, and slow movement – it often affects aged people.
  24. Peptic Ulcer: A disease that causes lines in stomach to break.
  25. Fever.

Note: Causes of weight loss mentioned above are common causes linked to loss of weight – for you to find out why you’re losing weight, you must let your doctor diagnose you accurately/ properly.

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