3 Home Workouts Without Equipment That Build Muscle

3 Home Workouts Without Equipment That Build Muscle

home workouts without equipment

If you’re struggling to put on some muscle at home and yet haven’t found a way, this article of home workouts without equipment is for you – you’re going to know the best workout regimen/ weight training that you can do at home, that too without any equipment.

There are many reasons why working out at home is better than working out at a gym – there are downsides as well of working out at home but if you manage to set up a mini-gym at home, you’re all set to go and build real muscle.

Home Workouts Without Equipment – Overview:

Signing up for a gym membership is a sure way to get motivated for fitness and training. But a great number of gym goers often fall short off their own expectations shortly after a few weeks or so.

The reasons for losing motivation may come from different sources but for some individuals, driving to the gym or fitness center can usually become one of the reasons.

The busy schedules and even the cost of driving to the gym are some of the reasons why people are looking into the option of working out right at home.

Even routines such as muscle building, which are normally done inside the gym, can now be performed at home.

This convenience and being in a comfortable environment motivates people to stay in shape without stepping out the door, makes it easier for people to choose home workouts rather than going to gym.

3 Home Workouts Without Equipment That Work:

If this has already caught your interest and you’re already planning to give it a try, here are some home workouts without equipment for muscle building off of exercises that help build muscle:

The Ball Workout

Investing on home gym equipment is necessary if you want to work out at home.

It doesn’t need to be those expensive machines that can often be seen in the gym.

As simple as an exercise ball can help you perform several exercise routines.

Lie with your back on the workout ball and start doing crunches.

For beginners do it slowly and gradual increase the speed and number of sets as you progress and once the body becomes accustomed to the workout.

Crunches are very popular because it helps tone the abdominal area.

People who often complaint of big tummy area can do the ball workout and achieve a flat stomach in no time.


Want to work on your legs and thigh areas? Squats target these problem areas that most women also worry about.

Having big thighs and hips are embarrassing for some, but to have it well toned can certainly make you feel comfortable and sexy.

To do the squat, stand with your legs apart. Slowly go for the sitting position without having your knees touch each other and then stand up.

Do the sit and stand routine ensuring that the muscles around the upper leg areas experience the contraction.


Pushups are the best way to get those lean arm muscles that can make you feel comfortable wearing a sleeveless shirt when out in the public.

This form of exercise is also very popular for those who want to strengthen their upper body. Hence, pushups are a very popular body building technique.

Start by having the body face down and slowly lift its weight using the strength of your arms. Then move your chest towards the floor then push it up again with your arms. Exhale while you are going down and inhale when you are pushing upwards.

You’ll feel that the arms are working hard in this type of exercise.

Beginners should start with about 10-15 pushups during the initial week and then gradually increase the number as your upper body becomes stronger.

The Bottom Line:

Working individuals with a heavy daily schedule may find it hard to squeeze in their gym time, addition to that, some might even prefer to go home immediately after a long day at work.

Exercising is very important and no matter how busy one can be, there should be a small time allotted for health and fitness, and if you are preferring home for your workout plans, these home workouts without equipment are the best workouts you can start with.