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3 Simple Things to Do to Lose Weight

simple things to do to lose weight

You must be dreaming of being able to shed off extra pounds easily and naturally without having to jeopardize your health or risk your own life. Wouldn’t you like it when you wake up one day and find out that you can slip easily into your jeans without having to struggle with the efforts of shoving your fats into the jeans? You may not realize it, but using simple methods to lose weight is basically easy. All you need to do is to change the way you consume your drinks – including the type, change your cereal, and change the starches content in your daily diet menu. If you do this on daily basis, you can lose pounds without even realizing it. Isn’t that great?

1 – You may not realize it but consuming more cold water can really help boost your metabolic rate. You see, when you consume cold water, the cold temperature will naturally make your stomach cold as well. Your body needs to increase its temperature to make you stay warm. When the body increases its temperature, the metabolic system and rate will also increase, leading to better and more efficient calories burning. In fact, you can burn more calories – up to 200 calories – if you consume cold water. Of course, that also depends on how much you are drinking on daily basis.

What if you want to carry the cold water all day? You can invest your money in good thermos that would keep the temperature low. Or you can store several bottles of cold water inside your refrigerator and just pick up one when you have to leave the house. By doing so, your weight loss effort won’t be obstructed although you may have outdoor activities.

2 – The second way you can try to lose weight fast is to replace the types of cereal you consume every day. Most cereals are made of lots of carbs with so little protein content. Why don’t you try consuming bran cereals or other cereals that are rich in protein and fiber? You see, the body has to work extra hard when it is digesting the fiber and protein. It needs to increase the body temperature and also the metabolic system so those substances can be digested properly. When the metabolic rate is increased, the calories burning process will run more efficiently and faster – you will be able to lose weight naturally.

If you think bran cereals or such products alike are not tasty, you can trick it out. Use low calories sweeteners that you can sprinkle on the top of your cereal. You can also try mixing your cereal with plain yogurt. Today’s yogurt and low calories milk are tasty and they won’t feel bland at all. Try it and you know what I’m talking about.

3 – The last way you can try to lose weight is to reduce butter consumption. By cutting off about three tablespoons each day can really help you lose weight. If you don’t want your toast become dry and plain, try olive oil as the substitute. It should help with the taste.

The key to natural and healthy weight loss is to include these tips into your daily life so you are getting used to it. You can shed off pounds easily, naturally, and healthily.