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3 Weight Loss Shake Recipes that Work

weight loss shake recipes

If you had no idea about weight loss shake recipes, you’ve come to the very fine place; not only will you know what they are, but you will also be able to know how to make them as well.

People who are suffering from overweight and obesity problems use multiple types of weight loss diets and some even use liquid diets for the purpose. One of the popular forms of liquid diets for healthy weight loss are recipes that could be made at home or bought from the market though the home made ones will always be preferable on hygienic grounds.

Why Use Weight Loss Shake Recipes?

When despite proper workout the person concerned is not able to reduce his or her weight, it is most probably the diet that is responsible for such situations. In such cases there would be a few choices before the weight loss aspirant like choosing one from out of solid, semi-solid or liquid diets for weight loss.

Weight loss aspirants should consider the following facts.

  1. It is very difficult losing weight despite workouts because of faulty diets.
  2. Instead of such diets, a combined diet and exercise plan works much better.
  3. The combination diet would be one solid meal with a shake that is healthy and tasty.
  4. Many people consider milkshakes with fresh fruits and nuts as bad because they have high calorie values but they forget that these shakes are highly nutritious and not so much rich in calories.
  5. Shakes contain many vitamins and minerals and substituting one or two regular meals with them could be very good for health.
  6. Shakes with fresh seasonal products will be low in calories and at the same time healthy for a person.
  7. Always keep in mind that the shakes bought from fast food counter should be avoided as they contain lots of sugar and other harmful contents.

Knowing how effect weight loss shake recipes are, there comes the part to get to know some of them that are most aiding.

3 Effective Weight Loss Shake Recipes:

Let us now have a look at some healthy weight loss shakes recipes.

1 – Milkshake with Blueberry and Soy:

While milkshakes may not be very low in calories unless they are skimmed, both blueberry and soy are good for health and weight loss.

Soy is fiber containing food and keeps the taker full for quite long time.

Blue berry has many advantages and can keep one healthy and help weight loss as well.

Ingredients of the shake are:

  1. Two cups of freeze dried or frozen blueberries without sugar.
  2. One cup of soy vanilla yogurt that is also softened.
  3. 1 and ½ cups of low fat soy milk.

This will substitute the calorie rich dairy milk effectively.

Mixing all the ingredients using food processors, one can easily prepare the shake.

In terms of nutrients, the blue berry soy shake contains around 175 calories in every 1 and ½ cup serving size.

The shake is not only healthy but helps losing weight pretty conveniently being low on calories.

2 – Green Tea and Cranberry Shake:

Everyone knows about the possible advantages of green tea for weight loss and fat burning. In fact it is the ingredient in most of the fat burning and weight loss diets and the same trend continues in case of shakes as well.

Ingredients of the cranberry and green tea shake are:

  1. ½ cups each of brewed and cooled green tea, frozen cranberries, and frozen blackberries.
  2. ¼ cups of frozen blueberries , and plain soy milk.
  3. One ripe banana, two frozen wholes strawberries;.
  4. Couple of table spoon of honey.

Blending the frozen berries of all types in the list and banana, one should add soy milk, honey, as well as the brewed and cooled green tea and blend it all over again.

It will help creation of a great shake which is healthy and at the same time will help your weight loss plan.

In terms of nutritional value, one serving of the shake contains around 378 calories which means even 4 servings will be less than the usual calories needed for the body at 1600-1800 even in the low calorie diets for women and men respectively.

Weight loss would be the natural consequence of such diet.

Green tea also contains antioxidants good for detoxifying the body.

3 – Peach and Banana Shake:

Another very healthy yet weight loss helping shake is the peach and banana shake.

Its basic ingredients are:

  1. Peeled and sliced fresh peach approximately ½ cups.
  2. Sliced ripe banana around 2/3 cups;.
  3. Vanilla fat-free yogurt around 1 and ½ cups.
  4. Fat free milk about 3/4cups.

User will have to blend the peach, banana, yogurt and milk first of all. Once the mix becomes smooth and thick and consistent in nature it can be served for consumption.

In terms of nutritional value the shake has 155 calories per one serving of a cup full and also contains a lot of potassium and calcium that makes it ideal for intake after a workout.

There are many other weight loss shake recipes, but these three are a couple of very healthy ones that are delicious and healthy at the same time and good substitute for any meal.