5 Effective Low Impact Workouts That Still Burn Major Calories

If you were looking to get started with low impact workouts then you’ve come to the right place – we’re going to discuss some of most effective workouts there exist for you to get in shape and be healthier, in this article.

Before we start, here’s a brief intro on why is it important to have idea about low impact workout.

Why Low Impact Workouts Matter?

It can be hard to combat a specific ache or pain that seems to be longstanding or pervasive. If you can’t manage to get to the treadmill, stair climber or churn out some burpees as it may seem downright impossible because of specific joint pain, there’s a remedy for your predicament. Dealing with issues or injuries of your feet, ankles, knees or wrists can be demoralizing, especially if you’ve gotten into the necessary groove with your workouts and that habit has been properly established. If you’re nursing an injury or a specific ache and pain, there are plenty of practical low impact workout options that will still give you a killer workout.

5 Low Impact Workouts You Must Know About:

Following are 5 of most effective low impact workouts you can try right away and feel the change:

1 – Ballet Barre:

There’s a reason that ballerinas are so lean but also have extreme muscle capability without seeming too bulky. The way in which they move and train their bodies is not only incredibly disciplined but also profoundly efficient and eons harder than it looks. Although you may not assume that barre workouts could effectively double as cardio, they’re incredibly challenging and will put your strength, stamina, and ability to the test without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints. The calorie burn is impressive during this type of workout; you can burn up to 650 calories per class. Another plus is the sculpting and toning movements will likely engage and challenge muscles you don’t use on the elliptical or doing jumping jacks.

2 – Cycling:

Sitting doesn’t necessarily mean a less intense workout. In fact, cycling can engage every aspect of your body despite your seated position. You won’t have to put unnecessary pressure on your knees or feet, but your entire body will still become activated in peddling at varying speeds throughout the workout. Indoor cycling is incredibly versatile, in that, you can choose flat roads, hilly terrain, sprints or a light coasting. Upwards of 700 calories can be burned from this type of exercise. This option is especially significant in aiding pain relief for knee injuries in addition to icing, elevation and wearing a knee brace.

3 – Yoga:

Using your body weight is a fantastic option that some don’t realize yields incredible results. In fact, the amount of toning and engagement your whole body will undertake during an intensive yoga practice is outstanding. It requires a surprising amount of physical strength to engage all of your muscles and hold specific poses for a full minute. Much like barre workouts, when you start doing yoga more readily, you’ll begin to feel muscles engaged and react in ways you’ve never experienced before. Yoga isn’t simply just stretching but the deliberate full body undertaking of keeping yourself balanced, centered and all of your muscles intensely activated. The amount of oxygen that is required during this workout also aids the depth of the exercise. Deep breathing is a cornerstone of a powerful yoga workout and it also aids in stress management.

4 – Swimming:

This activity is not just for a lazy day under the sun. In fact, the amount of work your muscles have to do to swim laps is expansive. The resistance of the water, coupled with the movements that your body must exhibit to stay afloat, gives your body a tremendous workout that has shown to be great for the heart. The great thing about water is that it’s virtually impact-free on your joints. There is very little impact force that your joints end up coming into contact with while in the water. Swimming also uses the entire body in a unified goal to get from one side of the pool to the other. For extra added benefits and varying muscle engagement, switch up the type of strokes you employ throughout your workout.

5 – Rollerblading:

This is a fun option that allows you to use your legs and core quite a bit throughout the process. This is a perfect antidote to being unable to get outdoors and run if you are nursing an issue with your knees or even recovering from shin splints. What’s great about this option is the active skating process can be coupled with the “gliding” process which allows you to give your body a bit of a break if needed. However, it still activates your essential muscles for the processes of balancing and retaining control in speed as you vary between pushing against the ground and leisurely coasting through the air.

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