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5 Essential Steps To Becoming A Runner

becoming a runner

Becoming a runner is easy, all you’ve got to do is to know what it really takes to be one.

Before we discuss how to become a runner, here’s a myth that stops most of people from becoming a runner.

Myth that Stops People from Becoming a Runner:

Running is one of the most popular, and often dreaded, modes of exercise. For those who dread it, that feeling usually comes from a lack of understanding and experience in that realm. Many think that running is just too taxing and an overexertion on the body. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be. In fact, running is one of the simplest ways to improve your cardiovascular health and to lose weight. It can even become therapeutic once necessary elements of form, pace and consistency are established.

5 Steps to Becoming a Runner:

Here are some critical steps to consider if you are interested in becoming a runner.

Find Your Motivation:

Motivation is essential in anything you do. However, cultivating and harnessing that motivation as something that is long lasting is the secret ingredient. You might often see people running on trails or sidewalks and feel envious of their level of fitness, their bodies or how freeing it must feel to glide through outdoor spaces. Take that feeling and use it as a reference point. Talk to a runner; they’ll likely have a wealth of information and some helpful tips to get you started that you may not have even previously considered. Become well versed in the benefits of running, that way your motivation can be more easily rooted in the potential advantages of taking it up as a form of exercise.

Take It Slow:

You aren’t going to get out there and miraculously be able to run a 10K in a week. You’ll probably be a little slower than you’d like, you may have to stop more than you initially thought, you’ll likely get winded, and your body will be sore. In order to make the practice of running one that will stick, it’s best to ease into it. Run for a couple of minutes, walk for a couple of minutes. Make sure you aren’t over exerting yourself because of how pumped and inspired you are to become a super fit, agile, speedy trailblazer. Once you become more acclimated to moving your body at this accelerated rate, your ability to go faster and for longer will improve. Always be mindful of your breathing. Often when you exert yourself, you can forget to breathe correctly.

Get Fitted For Shoes:

This may seem like a no-brainer and a silly thing to include but, making sure that you have the proper shoes to run in will increase your ability and optimize your workout tenfold. If you have flat feet, look into getting orthotic shoe insoles. Shin splints are one of the most common issues runners deal with, and they can be incredibly painful. Giving your foot proper cushion inside your shoe allows your ankles, shins, and knees to properly absorb and distribute the impact they experience when you’re running. Also, for those who worry about their lower backs, look into back braces for running as they can prevent or help mitigate back pain.

Make A Plan:

Structure is likely going to be incredibly imperative to keeping your running schedule and developing a running habit. There are many running strategies out there that would be of maximum benefit to someone who has an interest in running. Remember that the best, most trusted programs and the ones novice turned seasoned runners swear by are the ones that focus on training gradually. Set yourself up for success by understanding that it won’t all happen at once. Make sure to have a schedule so that it’s easy to map out your workouts. Record each workout you complete: the time, distance, how you were feeling throughout and afterward. This serves as an excellent barometer to measure your progress and is one of the most important steps in becoming a runner.

Adjust Your Diet:

It’s so important to properly fuel your body when it is being required to perform at a specific level. There is so much fundamental and health value of having a fitness regimen that also includes a sound diet. Eat healthy fats and complex carbs. Stay as far away from sugar as you can. Completely eliminate processed and junk food from your diet. Your body is an engine, and the food that you put into it is fuel. This is never more obvious in how you feel and can perform when you start the process of becoming a runner.