5 Most Common Foods that Make You Fat Fast

Foods that make you fat fast and or quickly are so many but we’ll be focusing on some of the well-known and most used foods (most common) that make people fat faster, in this article.

To get started, it is must for you to know why avoidance of foods that make people fat quickly is necessary.

Avoiding Foods that Make You Fat Fast is Necessity:

The struggle to lose weight fast is one that most people face each and every day. Eating healthy isn’t always as it may seem, and unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult no matter how determined you are to shed extra weight. While exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, the food you eat plays a huge role in how much you weigh. If you want to gain control of your diet, then it’s important to be able to identify the foods that are going to make you fat. You should avoid these at all costs, and if you do eat them, then only do so on occasion and in small portions.

5 of Most Common Foods that Make You Fat Fast:

Below you’ll find some of the most common foods that make you fat fast and the number on the scale steadily increase.

1. Bread:

While tasty, bread isn’t exactly something that benefits your diet. It doesn’t contain many nutrients that make it worth eating, and it will spike your blood sugar, so you are more likely to store fat.

When you eat bread you’re only getting empty calories, unless it’s made from a healthier type of flour. Read the nutrition label on the bread that you’re eating, and try to find something with high fiber content.

Tip: Ezekiel Bread is a health choice and worth going to health food stores to find!

2. Soda:

Although soda is not a food, it is packed full of sugar, and has absolutely no nutritional value that makes it worth drinking. One can of soda is around 170 calories, and that can mean many more pounds on your stomach per month just from drinking it. While diet soda might be an alternative, try not to drink it often.

Soda can make you eat unhealthy and fattening foods, and the bubbles can actually expand your stomach so that you can eat more.

Try out different flavored waters or teas to try and find a healthier beverage that actually hydrates you.

Tip: Sparkling water is a healthier choice, and it now comes in more flavors than ever.

3. Breakfast Cereal:

Be careful what you eat in the morning, because it could be doing more harm than good.

Many breakfast cereals are considered foods that make you fat because some brands make themselves look healthy by having “whole grain” or “low in fat” on their labels. What you don’t see is all the sugar and carbohydrates that are actually in them, and the amount of calories they have per serving. Since most people have two servings when they pour breakfast cereal, which can mean a lot more sugar, calories and carbs than you anticipated.

Tip: Make sure you measure out the serving size, because otherwise you will likely pour more than you should eat.

4. Salad Dressing:

You go out to lunch, and order a salad because you want to cut down on the calories. What you might not realize is the salad dressing that’s poured on your lettuce actually makes your salad far worse than many of the fried options on the menu.

Many salad dressings are high in calories, fat and even sugar, and that can mean many extra pounds if you start eating more salads.

Tip: Ask for a light version of your dressing, or vinaigrette instead. Also, ask to have it on the side so you can dip your fork in it before each bite of salad (you’ll get the taste but use far less dressing).

5. Sushi:

If you’re a fan of sushi, then you could be gaining weight because of it. Most sushi rolls are packed full of carbohydrates because of the rice they are surrounded by, and the calories increase from there with sauces and tempura batters.

You can still have your sushi and eat it too, but opt for something like sashimi instead of an entire roll (this is just fish without the rice). Also, fill up on miso soup before you move onto sushi and you’ll likely eat a lot less.

Do you eat any of these foods that make you fat fast on a regular basis? Most people do, and don’t realize that they are contributing to their weight gain, despite trying their best to lose weight.

Consider healthier choices such as recipes packed with low calories or foods that burn fat , rather than make you fat.

Utilize the tips above, and make sure you try and eat these sparingly rather than daily. By doing so, you may find that it’s much easier for you to lose weight, and that your efforts don’t go unnoticed on the scale.

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