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5 Ways that Help Get Rid of Water Weight

get rid of water weight

How can you get rid of water weight? If you don’t know yet, read on.

If you don’t know what really is water weight, it is the extra water that exists in your body cells and tissues causing you to look obese but in reality, it is not the fat that exists in your body but water and you must do something about it.

Why to Get Rid of Water Weight?

You body already consists of 70% of water which is why you don’t need no extra water other than the needs of your body – you must avoid water weight as long as you can.

Also, if you are obese and you find it harder to lose weight, it is because of the extra water that exists in your body cells and tissues causing your body to get in shape and lose weight harder than it should; you must cure water weight in order to lose weight faster.

How to Get Rid of Water Weight:

Now that you why is it important for you to get rid of water weight in order to help you in your weight loss plan, here’s how to do it:

1. Eat right

A “low carb-high protein-diet” is the key here. Of course, your fat intake has to be decreased too. Try to keep your carb intake under 50% of your whole alimental intake. At the same time increase your protein intake up to around 30-35% and decrease your fat intake to 10-15%.

To get rid of your water weight you need to cut your carbs. Carbohydrates pull your water to the cells. Therefor you have to keep on a certain nutrition behavior for a while. In the long run you need a healthy eating habit anyway to keep the water off of your body for good.

2. Get rid of your glycogen

What is that? Glycogen is a substance, a molecule that represents carbohydrates in their most complex form known in human bodies mainly located in your liver and muscle cells.

This glycogen keeps you from losing fat efficiently.

Your goal should be to keep your glycogen reserve always on a low level in order to lose water weight and fat.

A high protein diet completed with complex carbs is the key here.

3. Work out and exercise

Put your body in a “shed water weight” mode. You do that by working out via weight training that works. As obvious as it is, but sweating will not only let you lose water it will also let you lose salt and waste products.

4. Drink water

By drinking a lot of water you also flush out a lot of water out of your system. Sounds paradox, but that’s how it works. The mass of water you drink will make your body more hypotonic and so dilute your blood and extracellular space. This will help you eliminate water. The best formula here is to drink 1 liter (~1/4 gallon) per 25 kg (55 pounds) of body weight!

5. Decrease your salt intake

Okay, yep, do that and your water will go just like a blink.

The secret here is to avoid all convenience-d, instant foods, and meals. Prepare almost all your foods and meals yourself. Eat fresh and healthy.

Your daily salt should only come from your own saltshaker!

Conclusion: Now that you know the ways you can get rid of water weight, all you have to do is to put these ideas in work and see the result you’ve been craving all this time.