8 Ways on How to Gain Muscle Weight

Are you looking for ways to be buff and thinking on how to gain muscle weight? Maybe you are one of those who want to improve your muscle weight to look leaner and meaner. If you are finding ways to develop your muscles, read on and I will show you how to start with your workout/ weight training and achieve the look you are dreaming of.

How to Gain Muscle Weight – A Challenge:

If you’re wondering how hard it is for a person to gain weight and how it can be achieved, let me tell you something: the ways you’re going to read below on gaining muscle weight might look harder and challenging for you only if you think about them and not work for them – if you really want a change, you must pursue the struggle and idea of doing anything it takes for you to gain muscle weight.

Effective and Proven Ways on How to Gain Muscle Weight:

Get the rewards you are willing to achieve by doing these must-do workouts for your muscle weight:

  1. Get energized. Start to read those food labels when you go to a grocery store and begin to count the calories present in food to accelerate your methods on how to gain muscle weight. Make your food ideal for your body weight by taking in about one gram of protein for every pound you have.
  2. Time your cardio. Still, you can do cardio workout but do only about 30 minutes of workout in the treadmill for every session in the gym. While you lose fat sparing your muscles, it is better to try sprint intervals like running with intensity and do a light jogging for about two minutes. For three times a week, work out using this method for half an hour.
  3. Work out on your muscles. You will eventually learn on how to gain muscle weight if you would do less than 20 sets of muscle workout per muscle group. While it is helpful to workout your muscles, it is better to perform workout for at least 45 minutes. Add more intensity to your workout by adding in more weight to your lifts. You can do sets with intervals of 40 to 70 seconds, so you will not get your muscles overworked out. In this way, you will not stress and put much pressure on your muscles; thus, avoiding injuries.
  4. Try split-routine. Train your whole body during a single session and get the best results for your muscles. This will let you apply another important routine when it comes to gaining muscle weight. Try to isolate a muscle group per workout session. Focus on lifts that work out several muscles such as dead lifts, presses, pull-ups, and rows.
  5. Do stretching. Stretching is always helpful, so try any of its kind like using a foam roller or having massages that will help you become more flexible. This enhances the progress of weight muscles and improves the recovery.
  6. Eat like a monster. Never skip meal and have at least six meals a day as long as you keep those great energy sources into your body especially proteins and carbohydrates. Get more muscles by taking in more calories to speed up your metabolism while improving muscle weight.
    Eat small meals several times a day than eating bigger meals few times a day – it is better to have an eating schedule set up.
  7. Modify your routine once in a while. Try to change parts of your routine by altering some aspects of your workout such as your resting time, reps per set, etc. However, you have to keep a muscle workout journal to track your improvement.
  8. Give time for your muscles to recover. Spend enough time to sleep for at least seven hours a day. In addition, you only have to train for four times a week to let your muscles rest and recover from heavy workout. Also, you have to avoid stress altogether because it (stress) can lead you to lose weight.

Want to accelerate your progress towards how to gain muscle weight? Try above ways and see those muscles develop leaner and meaner.

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