A Definitive Guide On Weight Loss Before Pregnancy

A Definitive Guide On Weight Loss Before Pregnancy

weight loss before pregnancy

It is imperative to maintain a healthy body weight pre-pregnancy, which often leads many women to consider weight loss before pregnancy.

The ideal pre-pregnancy body weight would differ from one woman to another.  It is not possible to specify a certain body weight in pounds that would be the same in case of all women.

There are several factors that actually affect the ideal body weight.

  • Pregnancy usually depletes the body’s essential nutrient content in order to help a baby grow.
  • A woman who has been strong and healthy would be more likely to produce a healthy baby.
  • All women planning to conceive should try to be healthy.

The Importance of Pregnancy Weight:

Weight loss before pregnancy is important because it is necessary to maintain a steady body weight in order to carry the child through the 9 month phase.

Pregnancy hormones depend on fat for the production and also for metabolism.

The level of activity would directly affect the body composition.

Too much or too little body fat would start reflecting in the woman’s weight and will change the reproductive abilities of the body too.

Weight loss before pregnancy is also essential because being overweight will lead to many difficulties during conception.

Overweight women also have greater chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and similar health complications.

Weight loss is an absolute must pre-pregnancy.

Healthy Weight loss before Pregnancy:

Healthy body weight for women who are not pregnant ranges from 97 lbs to 183 lbs. However, there are some women who would be termed as obese at the range of 183 lbs or above. The ideal weight would take into account the height, build, frame, bones, and overall muscles. As muscles weigh a lot more than fat, they also contribute to body weight.

There is an effective way of assessing the perfect body weight pre-pregnancy, and that is through determining the Body Mass Index or BMI. BMI takes into account both the height and the weight of the woman.

Eating Habits for Weight Loss before Pregnancy:

A woman’s eating habits is of great importance for weight loss before pregnancy. The eating habits of a woman must be considered while deciding if actually she has been eating healthy or not. While a woman is likely to feel hungry and may experience frequent hunger pangs during a pregnancy, it is necessary for her to exercise control over the same.

If a healthy woman develops wrong eating habits during pregnancy, she will gain weight. On the contrary, if a woman who is overweight has been considering healthy and nutritious eating habits, she would lose weight and yet remain healthy over time.

It is very important to focus on healthy and nutritious eating habit. Problems like morning sickness and nausea can often kill the desire to eat, but one must note that starvation would harm the baby. Hence, eating healthy is the basic idea.

Weight Loss Before Pregnancy – The Plan:

Speak to your doctor regarding your weight loss to determine how much weight you should lose and yet stay healthy.

Plan your exercise routine with your doctor. You cannot practice all forms of exercise- remember that.

Plan the diet. Seek expert advice and recommendations pertaining to the diet.

Follow your routine religiously.