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A List of Carbohydrate Foods (Good and Bad)

list of carbohydrate foods

Information concerning a list of carbohydrate foods will show that not all carbohydrates are the same. While some of the carbohydrate foods are good for you, others are actually unhealthy.

If you choose good carbohydrates, you can have energy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Constantly choosing the bad carbs can cause weight gain as well as lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

List of Carbohydrate Foods – Overview:

Consuming good carbohydrates can be a key to your good health.

These foods contain vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

In addition they are a great source of fiber that helps to remove toxins from the body and may prevent cancer and help you to feel full with fewer calories – this is the reason why we had to make you a list of carbohydrate foods for you to know the good ones and the bad ones.

List of Carbohydrate Foods – Good Carbs:

Good carbs are basically less refined foods.

They are often found on the outer shelves of the grocery store and include vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods.

Vegetables, especially those consumed raw are low in fat and calories but high in good carbohydrates. The same is true of fruit, which also contains natural sugars.

Whole grain foods do not have all the fiber stripped from the food.

Other good sources of carbohydrates include dairy, especially that which is low in fat, seeds and raw nuts.

Summing up all of what we’ve read above, a list of good carbohydrate foods are:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole Grain Foods
  • Dairy

Foods that are considered good carbs cause the blood sugar to rise slowly and do not lead to the dip in blood sugar levels caused by more refined carbs.

The good carbohydrate foods are useful in maintaining a healthy weight and may help to avoid developing diabetes or heart disease.

List of Carbohydrate Foods – Bad Carbs:

Bad carbohydrates include foods that have been processed and highly refined in such a way as to remove the majority of the nutritional value from the food.

These foods may be high in fat and preservatives.

Many bad carbohydrate foods may be tempting to the taste buds, but can cause the body to release insulin.

Excess insulin is a hormone that tells the body to store those excess calories as fat deposits.

Summing up all of what we’ve read above, a list of bad carbohydrate foods are:

  • Processed Foods
  • Non-raw Foods
  • Highly Refined Foods
  • High-fat Foods
  • High-preservative Foods

Consulting a list of carbohydrate foods for those that are considered bad will reveal such foods are often made with white flour, refined sugar or simply over processed, as in foods such as white rice.

In addition fruit drinks and juices as well as soda contain many of the bad carbohydrates, so do such foods as jams or jellies, as well as candies which are high in processed sugars.


Now that you know a definitive guide on carbohydrate foods and know how some of them are good ones while some bad, we believe it is easier for you to track on your foods with an healthy eating schedule to live a healthy life ahead.