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Abilify Weight Gain and Its Possibility

abilify weight gain

Abilify weight gain is possible. The amount of weight gained while taking Abilify varies from one person to the next. Most studies have shown that people taking Abilify will gain more weight than people taking a sugar pill and some studies have demonstrated that significant weight gain is possible.

A small weight gain while taking Abilify is not unusual, however, some people might rapidly gain very large amounts of weight.

Weight gain may increase a person’s risk of diabetes and hypertension, so any weight gained while taking Abilify should be discussed with the medical doctor who prescribed the medication.

How to Avoid Abilify Weight Gain:

Methods to avoid gaining weight while taking Abilify are discussed below

How much weight might I gain?

Not everyone taking Abilify will gain weight. Some people may actually lose weight.

However, in a study of children taking medications such as Abilify published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Christopher K. Varley, a child psychiatrist, wrote:

Even with the drug Abilify, which is one that was not so prone to weight gain, kids still gained a pound a week.

The study also showed that after about 11 weeks, the children who took Abilify gained about 9.7 pounds each and their waists expanded an average of 2 inches.

Some people have reported that it is difficult to lose the weight even after they stop taking Abilify. However, this has not been true in all, or even most cases.

How Abilify might cause weight gain?

How Abilfy causes someone to gain weight is not well understood. It could be that Abilify makes the cells of the body resistant to insulin.

When the tissue cells are resistant to insulin, blood sugar cannot be properly metabolized and converted to energy. When this happens the sugar in the blood is converted to body fat by the liver.

This will naturally result in weight gain. Over time, as this process continues, a pre-diabetic condition may result and if untreated may become Type II diabetes.

Abilify Weight Gain and How to avoid it:

With a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and a reasonable mood management strategy, weight gain caused by Abilify can be minimal.

Your doctor may also prescribe complimenting medications that will increase energy and metabolism.

Healthy Diet:

A healthy, weight maintaining, diet includes an abundance of fruits, vegetable, whole grains and legumes.[1] It is high in fiber and low in refined sugars and oils. A healthy diet minimizes processed foods, that is, anything that is not in its natural form.

Processed foods usually have flavor enhancers, added salts, sugars and fats and are designed to stimulate the appetite. If weight is an issue, it is wise to avoid processed foods and eat food in their most natural form.


Any physical activity will ramp up the metabolism and burn calories. Walking is one of the best forms of physical activity available. It’s important to get moving any way possible.

If you can find an activity you enjoy, it will be so much easier to do it on a regular basis. Consistency is the key.

Not only does activities burn more calories and fight weight gain, but they dump feel good hormones into the blood and elevate one’s mood.

Mood management strategy:

Proper sleep, daily exposure to sunshine, social support, physical activity, and  a healthy diet will help to elevate and stabilize your mood.

The more you can use natural means to address depression and mood disorders the less medication will be needed.

Also, it has been found that a daily supplement of a fish oil containing 500 to 2000 mg of EPA helps to lift and stabilize one’s mood too. This is available over the counter in most drug stores, but be sure that it contains 500 to 2000 mg of EPA. Some fish oils only have a trace.

Of course, discuss any changes you make with the doctor who prescribed your medicals.