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Are Low Carb Diets Healthy OR Bad

are low car diets healthy

If you want to know “are low carb diets healthy” then read on.

In fact there are some pretty nasty side effects of low carb diets. There is indeed a misunderstanding in the dieting scene that one must get rid of the carb-rich food group. The problem is you need to have these foods included in your diet as they are the major source of energy for your body.

Risks and Disadvantages of Low Carb Diets:

Did you now that the Atkins type of diet is only good for temporary results and that much of the initial weight loss is simply water weight loss? Many on a low carb regime report blurred vision, depression or just “feeling weird”. And to top it off these programs even have long-term risks.

One of these is a risk of osteoporosis. Diets which are very high in animal protein from meat increases the risk for osteoporosis in women. The body takes calcium from the bones to counteract the acids that build up in the blood as a result of digesting large quantities of protein.

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research any diet that is low in carbohydrates and also low in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but high in animal protein, increases the risk of getting certain types of cancers.

With low carb diets you take in high amounts of fats. An international study shows that countries with a high rate of breast cancer are countries that have high fat intake in their diet – while those with a low fat consumption have lower occurrences of breast cancer. Diets which are high in fiber are better for you and will help to gradually overcome the risks of breast cancer.

Most alarming, perhaps, is the risk of heart disease. Eating too much saturated fat is a known risk factor for raised LDL cholesterol, heart disease and stroke.

Are Low Carb Diets Healthy?

Are low carb diets healthy? With all the “side effects” of low carb diets I would have to conclude that, “no, they are not healthy“. We need to lose weight by eating healthy and not merely relying on the idea of ignoring rice and other good carbohydrates and all the nutrients they provide.