5 Best Sports to Accelerate Your Weight Loss

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a perfectly fit and healthy body, both physically and mentally. A proper diet might get you the best nutrients in your system. Nevertheless, when you add a proper workout routine, then all your system from head to toe will be in tune with each other.

The same notion applies to when you want to lose weight. You can eat healthily but also complement your diet with daily or weekly sports exercises.

As much as there are many sports activities, you can always opt for any that suits your lifestyle. Besides, you can also check for its ease when it comes to accessibility. Nonetheless, here are five sports to accelerate your weight loss journey.

1. Ice Skating For Weight Loss

Ice skating is one of the most rigorous sports that make use of every part of your body. It can help you burn up to 650 calories within an hour. It helps you replace fat with muscles very quickly. You just have to make it a regular thing for faster and better results.

You can go for classes or do it solo, but start slowly before implementing some styles and moves, since it is a very difficult sport that can take a toll on your entire system.

However, you will have to ensure that you have the right gear, especially if your sole purpose is to lose weight. It is better you buy your own pair of ice skate boots, for better ankle support, as rental pairs are never that comfy, to begin with.

So get fitted for a proper and comfortable exercise. You can only enjoy this sport if you have the right boots. So it feels like leisure than a thorough workout. Check out bestskatereviews.com for some cool skates.

Likewise, you will need proper fitting clothes for the exercise, for better skating without any restrictions.

2. Running and Jogging To Lose Weight

Running and jogging is always the first form of exercise that comes to mind when you want to lose weight. However, as a sport, it requires dedication and training. You cannot just wake up and start running or jogging.

Consequently, all you will need is comfortable shoes and clothes, to start strengthening your body muscles and burning calories.

You can burn up to 700 calories per hour by just running on the road and 819 calories while running upstairs for an hour. Therefore, if you are highly competitive and athletic you can opt for stairs running, it is not that easy and takes time to get used to.

Jogging can also help you shed unwanted fat, increasing your endurance and fitness level as well as boosting your metabolic rate. You can lose up to 555 calories, while jogging at a speed of 5 mph, per hour.

However, never improve your speed and distances at the same time. Always try to increase your distance as opposed to speed, as these two sports can be very hard on the body, especially if you are a beginner with zero athletic experience.

3. Basketball for Your Weight Loss Journey

Basketball can help you relax your body and mind as well as strengthen your cardiovascular system while helping you lose up to 730 calories within an hour.

Apart from helping you lose weight, this sport can boost your confidence, mental development as well as strengthen your bone structure and immunity.

Besides, it is a great workout exercise with friends or solo. You just get a ball and start shooting hoops.

4. Swimming For Accelerating Weight Loss

If you are looking for a low impact sport to help you lose weight faster, then there is no better option than swimming. As much as you know how to swim and always do it for fun when it comes to exercising then you have to engage in vigorous swimming, to be able to lose around 892 calories in an hour.

Moreover, the various types of swimming strokes will help you master different types of aerobic exercises, thus enhancing the speed at which you lose weight. Just a few laps a day can make a lot of difference on your waistline without any damages to your ankles and knees.

5. Taekwondo for Faster Weight Loss

You will burn up to 937 calories if you partake in the Korean martial arts sport of Taekwondo. This sport involves dynamic punches, kicking drills, blocks, as well as core strengthening exercises, and stretches. Thus, it is very easy to build strength and stamina with these kinds of moves.

Moreover, Taekwondo can help in improving muscle tone, appearance and body flexibility. Besides, the more you exercise, the faster you increase your heart rate, shedding more and more pounds by the minute.

Kids can also participate in it for improved motor skills and better body control.


In conclusion, you just have to find a sport that does not strain your body and partake on it slowly for a less painful experience. You can start with any of the above if you want to accelerate your weight loss journey.

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