Can CoolSculpting Be Used To Lose Weight?

CoolSculpting formerly known as cryolipolysis was discovered after doctors noticed that kids experienced fat degradation on their cheeks after eating many ice pops.

In 2010 FDA approved it and it has since gained attention among different kinds of people looking for non-surgical means to reduce fat in different parts of their body.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that gets rid of unwanted stubborn fat by freezing it. The procedure exposes your fat cells to temperatures of around 15°, thus destroying the fat cells that your body then flushes out naturally.

Consequently, since CoolSculpting can easily get rid of fat, it does not necessarily help with weight loss that much. Although, you might end up dropping a few pounds months after your CoolSculpting treatment, as your body processes and eliminates it extra fat. It is still not a recommendable substitute for a weight loss program.

Therefore, if you happen to be obese, you might be required to lose weight first before CoolSculpting. This is because this procedure is not guaranteed to remove enough fat from your body for a dramatic weight loss. Besides, the way CoolSculpting and weight loss works is different.

If it sounds all alien to you, you can do some research on it and even consult a surgeon who specializes on it. You can also check Beauty Fix MedSpa for more information and if you are satisfied, book an appointment for more face-to-face analysis before opting for the procedure.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

This procedure often involves delivering concentrated cooling to specific areas in your body that have excess or unwanted fat. The cold is meant to freeze your fat cells, as your regular cells surrounding them remain unaffected.

During the procedure, the surgeon will pinch a fold of fat into a layer before applying the cold to it. This way it freezes the fat cells between those pinched folds of skin.

Your tissues will be lowered to a temperature of around 40°, cold enough to kill the body fat cells. However, all the other nearby tissues and organs would be unharmed and left fully functional.

After the freezing, the fat cells will die and your liver will eliminate them naturally just as it would with any other dead cells.

Nonetheless, this method is always considered the best option for long-term removal of unwanted body fat. This is because the fat cells are frozen/killed and eliminated from the body for good, they are not placed elsewhere in your body or shrunk.

However, take note that the level of success will vary from patient to patient, as body fat differs. Nevertheless, you can be assured of a 10-25% fat reduction on the treated area.

The full slimming effects usually take time, depending on how much fat you eliminated and your body size. You can opt to have multiple CoolSculpting sessions if you have large fat deposits you want to lose.

Some of the areas that are more receptive to this kind of fat reduction procedure include the thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms, love handles, chin and any other area with unwanted cellulites.

Nonetheless, you are free to consult with a reputable surgeon to see the best areas for the treatment, for better results.

CoolSculpting and Weight Loss

CoolSculpting usually involves fat removal. Therefore, it is hard to lose weight through it, as weight loss happens when the fats get smaller and not when they are removed.

You should take note that your fat cells are always fixed. They reach a certain number in your teens and stay the same for the rest of your life. So if they become smaller you lose weight, if they are bigger you gain weight.

In relation, the size of your fat cells and your body, in general, depend on the amount of energy, from your diet that gets, stored in your fat cells. This is why diet and exercise are highly attributed to weight loss.

However, as much as you eat a healthy diet and exercise appropriately, some of your body fats are hard to lose, especially those around your belly, and love handles and that is when fat loss procedures like CoolSculpting come in.


In essence, CoolSculpting can help you achieve your body goals without even losing a pound, by slimming you down to the body you want. This way you stop stressing over your weight.

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