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Does Every Step Count In Losing Weight

does every step count

From walking to lose weight and years of experience of exercising and dieting for weight loss, I know various things about me, which affects my ability to create or maintain my desired body weight. Chances for my success multiply when all of me accept the change to be incorporated. Often this is not the case. Approaching with the wrong attitude, leads to ultimate failure.

Often we try to isolate change – I’ll just make this change over here and get that specific result and it will be something I do only related to that goal.

For example, when Christmas is coming: for eleven months you don’t have to think about it or alter your behavior in any way. During the month of December much thought is required to be ready and also to make it a happy day for yourself and your family or friends. The rest of the year your attitude to Christmas is not relevant and doesn’t affect your behavior. (I hope!)

The gifts received at Christmas will bless our lives but it’s the joyous approach to shopping, festivities, decorating which give us a very special feeling, which isn’t the same when it’s not Christmas.

Similarly a diet or exercise program done with short term thinking will bring success which will be wonderful until the strong reason for it is gone and so is the weight loss – this is why you must work for long-term successes.

How serious are you about losing weight? Serious enough to alter your life?

Starting just to get started, is part of the learning process which ultimately delivers what you want. Changes can be made to the steps over time until the resulting process is one you like and enjoy, and is effective.

Even the exact nature of the attitude required is specific to the individual. What motivates one person may not encourage another at all. Our bodies are an intimate part of ourselves which we cannot separate from for the purposes of adopting a one size fits all approach. We may try to do what has worked for someone else but often it doesn’t feel right, or have the same affect. Effective weight loss and maintenance requires paying attention to your body without becoming a critic.

The ‘average’ number of steps per day of most people, i.e. 5000-6000, would be a busy day for some. There is a reason for this inactivity whether job, family or lifestyle related, and often some believe that they are active in the sense of ‘busy’ walking, during their normal day-until they start counting daily steps with a pedometer. This average figure of 6000 steps is considered a low activity lifestyle. A person who does 10000 steps a day is considered active.

I have had a time during my life where doing 2000-3000 steps a day, was a good day. If you have ever been through this you will know that to start a program of walking from this point is a major change.

In this case, yes, every step is important in order to lose weight rapidly.