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Eating 2 Bananas a Day Has Many Benefits

eating 2 bananas a day

Eating 2 bananas a day can be of huge advantage if one sticks to it. If you don’t know what I am talking about, read on.

Before explaining how bananas can help you, let’s first discuss who doesn’t like bananas because this is very important in a sense that bananas are of huge benefits yet most of people don’t eat them however they even like the taste of bananas yet still choose to miss on getting all the benefits bananas have.

There can be two reasons why people undervalue bananas and miss all the benefits they have:

  1. People aren’t aware of bananas’ benefits.
  2. People didn’t have any effective and beneficial result with bananas because they haven’t even tried it yet (that again leads us to the first point of not knowing benefits of bananas.)

To get those reasons fixed, all we need is to know what the benefits are and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you guys today in this article.

Eating 2 Bananas a Day Benefits:

Following are the benefits of eating 2 bananas a day:

Good Taste:

If you look at this benefit as a benefit and just a characteristic, you’ll realize that most healthy foods/ drinks are not good in taste and harder to eat/ drink. But with bananas, this is not a problem; bananas contain fructose and sucrose making them taste sweet and enjoyable.


Bananas are full of vitamins if you carry out research and that’s one of the most important benefits one has if he/ she eats bananas.

Vitamins that are found in bananas are Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.


Apart from vitamins, bananas contain potassium, minerals, manganese, iron, and fiber making your diet effective and healthier than it already is.

Also, not does banana only help your diet to be effective and aiding, but also helps you in avoiding many diseases that include atherosclerosis.

One benefit of potassium found in bananas is that it helps promote bone health.

Time Being:

One of the most appreciated benefits of bananas is that it changes with time; the older the banana gets, the yellower it is – the yellower it is, the power/ resistance to avoid heart diseases and cancers increases.

Bananas kill so many cells that are cause of giving birth to many diseases and it has been proven already.

This makes us realize that bananas with more dark spots are more effective than those of green ones.


Bananas are found to be one of greatest pre-snacks for workouts and is one of the ingredients that boosts your energy level, strengthening you to come over any task with ease – and this is why 2 bananas a day is of great importance knowing they aid you to go throughout your day with no hassle. Nutrients available in bananas are the reason behind that.

Blood Pressure:

Eating bananas a day can help you lower your blood pressure or maintain it to the level that’s required by your body due to having no sodium presence; bananas have no to 0 sodium present in them allowing you to avoid heart attacks and high blood pressure.


Bananas are anti-heat-burn intoxicant that can relieve heat-burns in minutes.


Due to having high quantity of fibers in bananas, you can easily cure constipation and relieve the symptoms of it in case you’re suffering from constipation.


Eating 2 bananas a day can aid you to be depression-free and enjoy life to the fullest. The reason behind this is bananas also have tryptophan which upon ingesting coverts into serotonin, and serotonin is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel alive and happy, enjoying our lives to the fullest. This is the reason why most doctors recommend eating bananas as well to cure depression.


If you are suffering with ulcer, you might have idea that you are not allowed to do any harm to your stomach by eating something stomach-unbearable. For your information, bananas are ulcer-supported, meaning you can eat them whenever you want and they won’t hurt your stomach in any way.

Eating 2 bananas a day can help your stomach be happy the whole day.


Allowing your diet to have bananas in it will fulfill the need of iron there is, because bananas are full of iron. This is one of the best foods people suffering from anemia can eat.

Now that we are done with 2 bananas a day benefits, let us now move to a question ‘ Is 2 bananas a day bad for you or not ‘.

Is 2 Bananas a Day Bad for You?

If you too have this question after reading all content above as if it’s bad for you to eat 2 bananas a day or not, worry not; I’m going to clear things up.

To answer this, I’d say eating 2 bananas a day is not bad for you but eating more bananas can be a bad idea as well.

Eating more bananas (not 2) can be bad for following reasons:

  • Due to having more sucrose and fructose in bananas, the sugar added to your body will be higher if you eat more bananas.
  • More sugar in your body will make you gain weight.

And if in case you gain weight due to eating more bananas, banana then is of no use and makes no sense to introduce bananas in your diet.

This is where the idea of eating 2 bananas a day weight loss plan comes into existence.

Eating 2 Bananas a Day Weight Loss Plan:

This plan doesn’t really need any more introduction any explanation but the idea that you need to have to eat not more than 2 bananas a day in order to lose weight – that’s it; if you have 2 bananas in your diet plan for losing weight, that’s ‘ eating 2 bananas a day weight loss plan ‘.