Freezing Fat Cells at Home with Ice Packs Step by Step

Freezing fat cells at home with ice packs is idea most people have come up with after the research of doctors about this idea which was found to be working and effective – doctors/ researchers have found that freezing fat cells actually helps in losing weight.

If you go back in time and see what freezing fat cells was used for, you’ll come to know that this idea was used to heal up the burned areas of our skin due to many causes that include exercise and inflammation as well. But now, not only does this solution helps in bringing down the inflammation and injuries due to exercise (as mentioned earlier) but also helps to lose weight.

Freezing Fat Cells at Home with Ice Packs:

Freezing fat cells with ice packs is one of the effective solutions there is that help lose weight safer and healthier but what’s most appreciated about this solution by people is that it can be done in home unlike going outside (gym, jogging, playground) to lose weight – anybody willing to lose weight at home can actually lose weight by freezing fat cells at home with ice packs.

Understanding the Work behind Freezing Fat Cells with Ice Packs to Lose Weight:

To understand how this solution works to lose weight by freezing cells with ice packs, you must be aware of the types of fats there are.

There are two types of fats:

  1. White fat.
  2. Brown fat.

Now, the working/ functionalities of both those fats are different from each other.

White fat fuels your muscle and it’s found in stomach areas and thighs. Whereas brown fat helps the process of burning fat/ cells.

When white fat is exposed to anything cold, it converts into brown fat which is capable of burning more fat by increasing metabolism.

This is all there is that you need to know about and this is how freezing fat cells at home with ice packs aids in losing weight; it first converts the white fat into brown fat, and then brown fat supports the weight loss processes happening in our bodies.

Now we won’t go deeper and discuss how it was proved by scientists and researchers but it has been proved by them and you can see it by yourself.

Freezing Fat Cells at Home with Ice Packs – Step by Step:

After getting done with the working for solution and how the idea came into existence, let us now dive right into the step-by-step process of freezing fat cells at home with ice packs:

  • Wrap the ice in thin cloth.
  • Place the wrapped cloth on the fatty areas you’re willing to burn fat cells in.
  • Keep the wrapped cloth there for at least 30-60 minutes a day.
  • Repeat the same process for 2 weeks.

Tip: You can tie the wrapped cloth on your fatty areas while you’re still working if you don’t want to apply it when you’re laying down.

One thing to keep in mind here is this process works for healing skin burns as well and not just losing weight, as mentioned above.

Side-Effects of Freezing Fat Cells with Ice Packs:

In case you are wondering if there exist some side-effects of this solution, well there is one most famous side-effect and that’s mildness to severe skin burns. But that only happens when you don’t follow the process of using ice packs to freeze fat cells mentioned above i.e. if you don’t wrap the ice in a thin cloth and apply it directly, chances of side-effect to happen is more.

Also, using a thick cloth will decrease the effect of freezing skin, lowering the rate of increase in metabolism, thus less fat burn.

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