Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss and Its Possibility

What do you think of an idea of green coffee extract weight loss and if it’s possible or not? Read on.

Can it be possible that the best way to lose weight is by taking green coffee extract – is it one of the ways to lose weight? According to some recent research, 16 participants in a study who consumed green coffee extract lost ten percent of their body weight.

The results of the study for green coffee extract weight loss was presented at the American Chemical Society and published in Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.

Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss And The Possibility:

Sixteen participants in the 22 week-long study were overweight and were given either 700 mg of green coffee extract, 1,050 mg of extract, or a placebo. Participants took three capsules every day 30 minutes before meals. Each drank a lot of water when taking the pills.

According to WebMd “The men and women cycled through each phase for six weeks. In between, they had ”wash-out” periods where they didn’t take any supplement. In this way, they served as their own comparison group.”[1] In other words, the participants took a different dosage or a placebo during each of the cycles and took time off between cycles taking nothing.

Participants lost an average of 17 pounds or ten percent of their body weight and 16 percent fat over the coarse of the study. Participants ate about 2,400 calories a day and burned about 400 calories a day. The participants intake of calories were monitored but not restricted.

The study was funded by a company that produces green coffee supplements called Applied Food Sciences. Dr. Joe Vinson who is a professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton and led the research study said that no side effects were reported by any of the participants.

Vinson believes its not the caffeine that helps people lose weight. Instead, he says it’s probably the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans that prevents fat absorption and boosts metabolism.

It’s important to keep in mind that people cannot get the same effect by drinking roasted green coffee because roasting green coffee beans removes the chlorogenic acid, says Vinson.Dr. Oz Recommends Green Coffee Extract

Dr. Oz believes that green coffee extract helps people lose weight; however, he says it’s important to take a pure form of the supplement. A pure form means people should find a supplement that has no additives. Otherwise the results may not be as effective.

Previous Research about Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss:

An Italian study done with mice in 2006 in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine revealed that green coffee extract may possibly work against weight gain and fat accumulation by preventing fat absorption.

Green Coffee Extract Caveats:

Anyone who is considering taking green coffee extract for weight loss should first talk to his or her doctor. In general, diet supplements, even if they are natural, are not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Some health experts state that not enough research has been done to prove green coffee helps people lose weight. In addition, more research needs to be done to check for possible side effects. The study is considered preliminary because it has not undergone peer review.

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