HIIT for Weight Loss 101: A Definitive Guide

HIIT for weight loss is one of the best ideas since weight loss is never an easy game. You may have tried it all – fad diets, weight loss apps, and gym classes. If nothing’s worked for you yet, there’s one fitness trend you won’t want to miss. HIIT training is a simple way to lose weight fast and stay fit. Find everything you need to know about this intense form of exercise in this definitive guide.

HIIT for Weight Loss: What is it?

You will have heard the term before now, but do you actually know what it means? HIIT training stands for high-intensity interval training and has become wildly popular with athletes and non-athletes alike. This particular type of activity combines short, intense bouts of exercise and recovery periods.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, to gain the best results from this workout, you should engage in activity lasting between 5 seconds and 8 minutes. During this period, you should make sure that you support your body as much as possible as it can be strenuous. Note: If you’ve suffered previous ailments, talk to your doctor about prevent damaging joint movement and whether HIIT is appropriate for you.

After the intense training period, you will have a short recovery period. Often, these periods last for the same amount of time as the activity. For example, you may sprint fast for a minute and then rest for a minute, alternating between movement and a cool down state. When you get into the rhythm of this activity, it will feel completely natural.

HIIT for Weight Loss – Losing Weight with HIIT:

Now that you understand what this type of training involves, it’s time to take a look at the great many benefits it yields. Here is how HIIT for weight loss is an effective idea:

1 – It’s a quick burst of cardio:

Weight loss is often dependent on how active you are, but do you have the time to hit the gym every single day? Should you struggle to fit exercise into your busy regime, HIIT training is the right way forward. The great thing about this style of exercise is the fact that it can be super quick and still have a lasting effect on your fitness and health.

2 – It suppresses your appetite:

One of the most interesting side effects of engaging in HIIT training is the fact that it will suppress your appetite. This is particularly interesting if you happen to be on a calorie-controlled diet as it will make the process easier. Recent research has found that the more intense the exercise you do, the greater the suppression of the orexigenic signal, which ultimately makes you hungry.

3 – It helps boost your calorie-burn:

In just 15 minutes of HIIT training, you can burn around 250 calories, according to Lean and Muscular. While that may not sound like a lot, there’s another benefit to this style of training. Once the actual physical exercise is over, your body continues to burn more and more calories. That means that your final calorie-burn is likely to be far higher than it could be with other types of low-intensity workouts.

Where Should You Start?

So, are you ready to get started and try your hand at HIIT training? The most important thing to remember here is that you will need to ease yourself into this type of activity. Diving in headfirst is likely to be a shock to your system and you could end up burning out before you’ve even begun.

Work with a personal trainer at your gym to create an actionable routine that you can use on a week-by-week basis. Soon enough, you should notice that this training leads to gradual, yet sustainable weight loss. Take things slow and steady!

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