How to Build Muscle at Home – Guide

How to build muscle at home is a popular question and if you don’t know the answer to it, read on.

Reason How to Build Muscle at Home is a Good Idea:

If you wondering about building muscle, that too at home, you’ve come to the finest place and you’ve made the best of choice out there. To know why is it better to build muscles at home, we made you a list of pros and cons of working out at home that aid in building muscle, easily and safely.

There are so many benefits that one accomplishes when he/ she works out at home:

  1. You waste no energy just to reach to the gym (no driving to the gym).
  2. You need no expensive gym membership to start working out.
  3. You save money on gas the minute you start working at home (you don’t have to drive to the gym).
  4. You don’t wait in the queue to have your hands on the equipment.
  5. You can work out any time you want (your home is open all the day, unlike gym).
  6. You are in a privacy of your own when you work out.

Some downsides to working out at home:

  1. You might get to feel loneliness when you workout at home.
  2. When you work out with other people, you tend to work more and put more efforts to be praised and not made fun of.
  3. You work out more when you are paying membership fees.

How to Build Muscle at Home:

Now is the part to answer your question as how to build muscle at home, safest way possible.

The very first thing you need is to have weights to start with. If you are limited to spending money, you can buy a dumbbell set that is inexpensive (the one that comes comes with two bars and plates that are changeable means you can subtract or add the plates the bar the way you want to match the right weight for you to lift). Also, when you feel like you can buy more equipment, you must buy.

If you are not limited to spending money, you should considering buying a bench press, bars, plates, and more elaborate weight set.  You can even consider buying anything that you see in a gym as your equipment to give you more results and possibility to work in different ways.

After you are done buying the equipment, you need to have an area somewhere in your house where you can work out with no hesitations and interruptions.

If you feel like your can turn any of your rooms into a mini gym with all your equipment setup there, it is a perfect choice.

After you’ve setup a location for your workout, you have to start right away. You’ll need a diet high in protein and an effective eating schedule.

Protein is needed to build muscle mass which is why you must consider eating stuff that has more protein in them.

Some high protein foods that you should consider are:

  1. Chicken
  2. Turkey
  3. Tuna
  4. Cheese
  5. Milk
  6. Eggs

At the same time, you need high carbs foods as well.

Some high quality carbohydrate sources that we found to be effective are mentioned below:

  1. Cereals
  2. Grains and breads: Bagels, whole wheat bread, white bread
  3. Fruits: Apricots, bananas, blueberries, figs, apples, grapes, oranges
  4. Beans: Refried beans, chickpeas, white beans, garbanzo beans, navy beans
  5. White rice
  6. Pasta
  7. Muffins
  8. Potatoes
  9. Sweet potatoes
  10. Carrots
  11. Corn
  12. Chocolate
  13. Candies
  14. Cookies
  15. Pastries

When you’re done choosing the right foods that help gain muscle/ weight, you now have to do the weight training that aids in building muscle.

To help build muscle at home, you need to start with with light weight, few sets, and low reps. Working out at least three times a week is a must-do thing if you’re considering to build muscle at home. When you feel like you can lift more weights after few weeks, start lifting more – but, not too much. Low reps with heavy weights builds muscle mass quickly.

Last words: There’s nothing else you need to know to answer the question as how to build muscle at home than to start now – put all your efforts into making this idea to build muscles work.

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