How to Get Rid of Side Fat with Diet and Exercises

How to get rid of side fat might be a serious question when you are aware of its causes which are heart disease and diabetes. That said, if you weren’t even aware that fat in this part of area can cause you to have heart disease and diabetes, now you do – which is why it’s preferred to lose side fat in order to cure diseases and get slim.

Before starting to explain ways that help lose side fat, we’d like to share with you why you don’t seem to be losing weight when you use the common exercises to lose fat in abdominal area.

Answering How to Get Rid of Side Fat:

To answer how to get rid of side fat, you need to understand that you won’t be able to lose weight in your side areas if you don’t target them precisely. That said, no common exercise that helps to lose weight in abdominal area would help you to lose weight in side areas because side fat sits on top of abdominal fat. You need exercises that target that area precisely in order to lose weight fast in those areas.

How to Get Rid of Side Fat:

Following are some of the best ways and exercises that answer how to get rid of side fat effectively.


Every good health plan starts with a diet; good diet plan is directly proportional to good health plan. Since you need a good plan in order to be healthy and in shape, there are ways that help a diet plan to be a good one. Some of the best ways you can help your diet to be effective and healthy are:

  1. Taking note of Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates play an important role when it comes to dieting and it is subdivided into two parts that are good carbs & bad carbs. Stick to the ones that are healthy (good carbs) and avoid the ones that aren’t (bad carbs).
  2. Eating more Protein: Protein is capable of building your body the way you want it to be, healthily. There’s no excuse for avoiding a food that has more proteins and going for the one that has nothing.
  3. Lowering your Caloric Intake: Calories are responsible for causing a person to be obese and fatty. Lower calories means low fats in body while higher calories means higher fat in body. That said, lowering the caloric intake is one of the most essential steps to take in order to answer how to get rid of side fat.
  4. Eating less Fat: Fat is necessary for one’s body but excess amount of fat at the same time is dangerous for one’s health. Try to eat less fats and more proteins in order to see the results you want. Don’t completely cut off fat from your diet – it is one of unhealthy ways you can lose weight.
  5. Drinking more WaterWater helps to lose weight in many ways. One of which is that drinking more water helps you keep fuller all day, thus allowing you to not eat more foods which causes weight loss.
  6. Use Liquid Diet Plans: If you are somehow addicted to calorie drinks or soft drinks, substituting them with liquids that help to lose weight is necessity in order to lose weight. Liquid diet plans in this case help to achieve this.


Exercises on the other hand is second of most effective parts of weight loss and getting into shape. Combined exercising and dieting is the perfect duo when it comes to getting healthier and in shape.

In order to answer how to get rid of side fat, following are some of the exercises that target the side area in order to lose weight in it.

  1. Starfish: One of the variations of side planks that is a killer exercise in order to lose side fat safely.
  2. Oblique Crunch: If you are targeting not only the lower abdominal fat area but the upper one as well, oblique crunch is what you should be looking at.
  3. Side Plank Circles: Not only does this exercise help you to lose your side fat, but also helps you to fat in belly pooch while shaping your bum.
  4. Piked Elbow Twists: An oblique aimer that helps you lose side fat effectively.
  5. Triangle with Dumbbell: If you are trying to make your triangle pose (a stretching exercise) more effective, you can add dumbbell to it and see the magic.
  6. Mermaid: An effective waist cincher that can help you put pressure on your side muscles allowing you to lose fat in those areas.
  7. Leg Shifts: Not only does this exercise helps to lose muffin tops, but also helps in killing fat in the lower belly.
  8. Hip Dips: Along with all the benefits of side plan, this exercise helps you to tone your obliques.
  9. Dumbbell Side Bend: If you want to make your Side Bend more effective, adding dumbbell to your exercise can put more pressure on your muscles for better results.
  10. Tummy Tuck: An effective exercise that helps in shaping arms, abs, and side fat effectively.

There still exist many more exercises that answer how to get rid of side fat but most of the effective ones are these.

Implement them now in your exercise plan and see the results for yourself.

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