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How to Improve Metabolism The Actual Way

how to improve metabolism

How to improve metabolism if your metabolism is slower than expected? If you don’t know, read on.

Slow metabolism is often blamed for improper or insufficient weight loss as well as for obesity. Apparently, the first and most probable to work solution is to find a way to improve metabolism/ increase metabolism.

Fortunately, there are experts in the field who are capable of helping you with all the knowledge they have gained in time.

So, even if your metabolism seems to be your body’s enemy, there are weapons out there that you can use to fight back and get rid of the impact of a slow metabolism. Besides, metabolic enhancement will not only help you lose weight but it will make you feel full of energy.

Overview on How to Improve Metabolism:

There are endless resources you can turn to if you need to know how to improve metabolism; books, specialists, friends’ tips and advice as well as the Internet, are out there always ready to provide you with the knowledge and support necessary.

The very concept of metabolism refers to the way and not the speed that the body processes the food you eat. Therefore it is more appropriate to describe metabolism as functional/efficient vs inefficient/dysfunctional rather than fast or slow.

The three components of metabolism are: basal metabolism – 60-655 of the calories eaten daily are spent to keep you alive by providing the basic energy to support your life; physical activity – 25% of your calories go into movement/physical activities; and thermic effect of food – 10% of the calories are needed in processing the food you have.

In order to lose weight, you normally have to reduce caloric intake, to increase consumed calories or both. This may come as a surprise to you: there are people whose caloric intake is very low and yet, they get fatter every day. Well, it should not be a shock as these people usually have thyroid problems. This happens as their basal metabolism is lower, their physical activity is probably quite limited and/or the thermic effect of the food they eat is inadequate. As a result the calorie burning processes are also too slow. In conclusion they have to increase metabolism somehow.

How to Improve Metabolism?

How can you increase metabolism and achieve weight loss? Well, there are different solutions provided by diets, pharmaceutical compounds or fitness programs.

One very good solution revolves around relying on green food for metabolic enhancement. These foods (vegetables) highly praised for their effects are full of fibers, contain vitamin B and magnesium and are poor in calories.

The top 10 of such vegetables are composed of: spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, asparagus, beets, celery, eggplants and carrots.

Other than the vegetables mentioned above, following are the ways you can overcome questioning how to improve metabolism:

  1. Eat more meals a day.
  2. Don’t miss out on a breakfast.
  3. Drink coffee or tea.
  4. Eat high-fiber foods.
  5. Eat more organic foods than processed ones.
  6. Drink more water (cold water preferred).
  7. Add protein intake in your meals.

Also, keep in mind that the more you focus on exercising and eating foods that help become healthier with an effective eating schedule, the more you become productive.