How To Keep Fit at Your Fifty? – [Complete Guide]

Arriving at half-century, many of the things I enjoyed became annoying to me.

However, I still enjoyed watching TV, and my hatred for gym had soared just after my golden jubilee. Oh well, I evaluated things often based on our memories.  

Getting into fifty is like getting to know the second part of you. The other part of your body might shock you even if you have had health histories during the thirties or forties. It is the same with me.

At fifty, I detected few things changed about my biology. My thought process became slower than ever before, and I was less agile. I was often stressed. And I liked my groceries delivered at home. My soda consumption rate was high. With this, I was a chubby grandma. Was I considering any health risk with this new living? No. I cared less about that.

I had already joined the complacency train, and last holiday when my son Michael came home, he was angry I hadn’t registered at the gym down the street. The following Tuesday of his arrival, he came back with a fitness expert. By the time he left after Christmas, keeping fit has become part of my daily schedule.

It became a natural way of challenging myself physically, mentally and spiritually. The workout has become a regular ritual which has defined me among few age mates of mine in the neighborhood, and I have had the reward of being mistaken for 40 sometimes.

While I have gotten into many things, I have cut down on a few things too. Here are some tips to start with:

Choose the Right Arm Exercises

The day my fitness expert came, we began with arm exercises. It is not a strict commandment to keep to the kind of arm exercises that I do weekly.

One of the practical ways of keeping fit at fifty for me is doing the arm exercises that you enjoy. Remembering your old memory with dumbbell might be the best for most people. You just have to find something you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

Burpee works for me and has been a great way to keeping my arms fit. I enjoyed the fact that I was growing some abs after few months of burpee arm exercise.

If you are interested, I assure it helps break the stiffness quickly in your arms and increase the muscle activities.

Burpee requires some specifics, but here is how I start my typical burpee morning. I stand on feet hip-width apart with my arms at my side. I lower into a squat-like position and let my palms rest on the floor, then I jump both legs and stand up. I do this for 13 to 16 times every day. You might be on your way to growing little biceps like me. If Burpee doesn’t work for you, you might consider some Yoga poses that could enhance your physical fitness.

Campaigning Against Cardiovascular Illness and Others

With easy palpitation and heavy breathing, I soon learned how the importance of avoiding cardiovascular risks after my birthday and my third checkup at the hospital.

I was looking for every possible way to beat my health despite the expanding space of physical weakness of my body.

Each evening I indulge myself with two hours of swimming in the pool, and during the winter, I try to skate on the mountainside. However, my exercises are not limited to these.

I joined a dancing class even when I knew I wouldn’t become the next world record holder of belly dancing. When I am idle in the house, I enjoy occasional staircase climbing. It was a way of fighting off arthritis. I make sure I engage in at least two of these workouts per day. These exercises have improved my physical balance and kept me in good health.

Be Careful of What You Eat

No, I never liked junks, and even at fifty, I wasn’t a fan of burgers or fries. In spite of the will to avoid junk food in every possible way. I noticed I was still getting bigger because I was not eating right or taking part in any strenuous exercise. Now, choosing your diet appropriately might another awesome way of looking great at me.

With my regular daily arm exercises and workouts, I eat food of low dairy and calcium-rich. I try to keep my bad cholesterol level at a healthy range by consuming more vegetables and fruits before and after each meal. I also avoid red meat now in a bid to look healthy and keep fit.

Author: This post was written by Emmanuel.

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