How to Lose Weight Fast Using a Treadmill?

Everybody wants to lose weight quickly and it is possible to do this. But to lose weight in a healthy manner you need to do two things – you need to eat well and you need to have regular exercise.

Sometimes Time Can Be An Issue When Needing To Exercise

Eating well is not too hard if you are disciplined.  You can always find healthy food. But regular exercise can be tricky, especially if you work long hours and don’t have time for the gym.  This is when it is a great idea to get a treadmill and you can buy a treadmill to keep at home.

Using a treadmill means you can burn up calories while you are reading the newspaper, reading a book and even doing your work.  And using a treadmill is easy; you only need to push the ‘on button’ and start walking and then jogging. You don’t have to waste time driving to the gym, changing your clothes, working out, having a shower afterwards and only getting home late.

Should I Run Or Walk On The Treadmill?

This depends on your fitness levels. Some people will use a treadmill slowly and will start off by walking and then building up their speed.  Others will start running immediately. Home treadmills come with their own programs and you can set your treadmill to see how far you walk or run, how long you walk or run for, and how many calories you burn.

How Do I Choose A Home Treadmill?

There are many home treadmills on the market and choosing the best treadmill for home use depends entirely on your budget, your needs and your space. You want a treadmill that is easy to use – well they are all easy to use – and that will meet your requirements.  Some are heavier than others, some are smaller or larger than others, some have more powerful motors or speeds, but they all do the same thing. Some even fold up!

Will A Home Treadmill Work To Get Me Fit?

A treadmill will get you running and losing or burning up calories, so the answer is yes.  If you use your treadmill on a regular basis, you will get fit. You will also lose weight as the more you exercise, the stronger you become and the more fat you lose. You do have to eat well at the same time, of course. Don’t go on the treadmill and eat lots of donuts, but try and exercise and eat well as a matter of disciple and you will soon reach your goal weight.

Does A Home Treadmill Come With A Warrantee?

Almost always, yes.  Whenever you buy something new, it should come with a warranty, especially an exercise  machine of this caliber.  When you do your research for the best treadmill for home use, look to make sure it comes with a warranty.  You are also going to look at the overall size of the treadmill, the size of the walking or running area, the weight the treadmill can bear, the various features including speed, calories, heart monitor and special programs.

How Often Should I Use My Treadmill?

To get the benefit of any home exercise machine, you should use it often.  This varies for different people, but we would say you should use your treadmill at least 3 times per week.  If you can use it more often, every day, of course this is much better. The thing is to have a program and a routine. Write down the time you spend each day on the machine.  You will get a sense of accomplishment when you see how often you are using your treadmill and how many miles or KMS you are walking / running per week.


A home treadmill is an investment.  Initially you might find the cost of the machine high, but you will soon see how much money you save on gym fees, and you will also see how good you feel and how strong and fit you look. Using a home treadmill can help you lose weight and stay in shape.  Try it.  You won’t be sorry.

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