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How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise in a Week

how to lose weight fast without exercise in a week

If you are wondering how to lose weight fast without exercise in a week in reality, don’t – we did that wondering part for you – all there is left for you to do is to follow the steps we’ll be sharing in this article to lose weight effectively, that too in a week only, and you’ll be set to see results.

That said, forget about anything that worried you and you’ll be fine.

Before we share with you the ways that help to lose weight faster, that too in a week, we’d like to share with you the authenticity of working of this idea.

How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise in a Week – Authenticity:

To measure authenticity of this plan to lose weight fast without exercise, that too in a week, we carried out experiment; we picked Sarah and Karishma to follow the steps (that we’ll be sharing in the very next part) that aid in losing more weight without exercising in a single week. After a week, we found that Sarah was able to lose 9 pounds in a week while Karishma was able to lose 10 pounds in a single week. We further asked them if they didn’t cheat and did exactly as was told and we found that Karishma did everything that was recommended and told while Sarah was not strictly following a diet plan assigned to her resulting her to lose less weight.

This experiment proved us that we can actually lose weight without exercising in a week if we follow the guidelines thoroughly and stick to the plan that helps to make this idea of losing more weight in a single week without exercising works.

How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise in a Week:

Now that you know how authentic this approach to weight loss without exercising in a week is, here are some of the effective steps that make this approach work:

Water Weight:

If you are aware of water weight, it’s the retained water (extra water – not needed) floating in our tissues making us fat and obese. It should be your priority to get rid of water weight as soon as you can to see better results of your remaining plan to lose weight in a week without exercise.

Following are the ways you can lose water weight:

  1. Don’t get stressed.
  2. Avoid salty foods.
  3. Drink green tea.
  4. Try apple cider vinegar.
  5. Cranberry juice helps too.
  6. Eat carrots

Diet Plan:

Now that you don’t want to implement exercise in your plan to lose weight in a week, diet plan is what you should be depending on – anything that’s healthy has to be your intake, anything that’s not healthy has to be avoided.

Following are some of ways that help make diet plan successful:

  1. Lower your caloric intake. Low calorie foods help in this situation.
  2. Know between good carbs and bad carbs.
  3. Never skip a meal.
  4. Stick to low carbs foods.
  5. Use liquid diet plans instead of using soft drinks.
  6. Eat more proteins.
  7. Eat in schedule.
  8. Know how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat.

Be Active:

After getting done with both essential parts to answering how to lose weight fast without exercise in a week, the next very important part is to be active anywhere you are – now that you’ve avoided to do exercise, it is must for you to be active in order to lose that weight.

Following are the ways for you to be active:

  1. Use stairs instead of lifts.
  2. Walk instead of using any other means of transportation.
  3. Work on your own at your home instead of asking someone else to do it for you.