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How to Lose Weight in a Week Without Exercise

how to lose weight in a week without exercise

How to lose weight in a week without exercise is a question that we, Weightalogue, often hear from people who find it harder to exercise and stick to it.

What we’ve come to know after researching and reading the emails we receive is that most people, in passion, start exercising, but their will to continue exercising dies in a week or two and that’s what makes people ask what the best way to lose weight without exercise is.

Answering How to Lose Weight In a Week Without Exercise:

Before we dive right into how you can lose weight in a week without exercise, we want to share with you some early-notes that lets you know whether the idea of losing weight in a week, that too without exercise is even possible or not.

To answer whether the idea of losing weight in a week without exercise is possible or not, here’s what we have to say:

“Losing weight without exercise is possible but the outcome of losing weight with exercise is more. Losing weight in a week without exercises is also possible but make sure the weight loss is not huge or up to vast extent because more loss in weight in short period of time is a sign of disease.”

How to Lose Weight in a Week Without Exercise:

Following are the ways you can actually lose weight in a week without exercise:


The very first and easy thing you can do is to sleep for required hours (6-8 hours a day). This helps your body to refresh and get active so more of procedures happening in body take place.

Most people think that if we sleep less, we lose weight due to depression and stress caused by not sleeping for required hours – now, that too is real but it is one of the unhealthy ways you can lose weight and it is suggested to avoid such type of weight loss.


Drinking lots of water is an answer to how to lose weight in a week without exercise and trust me that works.[1]

More water’s presence in our body increases and speeds up our metabolism, allowing our body to adapt the changes we’re making to it.

To avoid eating more (which is cause of gaining weight), you can drink water and your stomach will be full, allowing you to not eat more than what’s needed by your body.


The final and last step to answer how to lose weight in a week without exercise is to eat in the very fine way possible – there are ways you can eat your meals that affect your overall outcome.

Now if you don’t know how to eat and what to eat to lose weight, worry not; we’re going to share everything there is that helps you to be in shape while eating in the fine manner.

Firstly, you should never ever miss breakfasts. Breakfast helps you get started with your day and energizes your body to get through your day with ease.

Most people who miss onto breakfast find it harder to live the rest of their day with energy and strength which again makes them think of forgetting the idea about losing weight. In order to avoid feeling hopeless about not losing weight just because you have no energy to keep up with your daily activities, breakfast should be your first priority.

Secondly, you should always eat in schedule – there are eating schedules you can set up for yourself to follow and they aid a lot.

Following a schedule makes it easier for a person to know what to eat and when to eat next.

Thirdly, if you are not hungry, just don’t eat.

Most people in noon (people who aren’t hungry) eat just because it’s lunch time.

Fourthly, you should not be touching any food/ drink that has calories – you are in a no-calorie zone and you should know that by now.

You can substitute your calorie drinks for water and calorie foods for foods that have low carbs.

Fifthly, you should also be avoiding white carbs foods because they resist your weight loss plan to actually work for you.

Make a list of few low carbs foods (non-white carbs foods) and stick to them for the rest of your week.

This is all there is when it comes to answering how to lose weight in a week without exercise – everything else that matters now is your passion and will to actually work for that goal of losing weight.