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How to Use a Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

weight loss percentage calculator

A weight loss percentage calculator is a handy online tool that actually determines how much weigh you have gained or you have lost.

It is mostly used by people who would like to lose weight since they can easily track how much weight they have lost or if their weight loss strategies are working but actually there are so many other uses of this calculator other than for weight loss or fat loss.

For pregnant women – weight gain during pregnancy is common but there is a desirable weight increase which will not affect the delivery of the baby.

Being too overweight while pregnant increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and problems with delivery which could be fatal for both mother and child.

Monitoring how much you have gained or how much you have lost will help you determine your overall state of health during pregnancy.

Losing weight before pregnancy is healthy for women.[1]

For newborns and babies – a weight loss percentage calculator will help monitor weight gain in newborns especially when babies are given an alternative milk formula to breast milk. Older babies on the other hand are susceptible to so many illnesses like cough, fever and diarrhea; this tool can be handy in closely monitoring weight loss of a child and as a tool in determining the effectiveness of any treatment.

In teens – teenagers may experience troublesome periods in their lives; some may develop eating disorders and developmental disorders due to personal conflicts and life-changing situations. A parent can closely monitor her teenager’s weight loss and use this as a tool to help seek medical and psychological help right away. It is important not to overlook eating problems in teens since this may only be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem – it is must to eat in a healthy schedule and in better way.

In older individuals – seniors are often plagued with illnesses that could ultimately affect their weight. Diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and other illnesses may cause them to lose weight dramatically. A weight loss percentage calculator will help older folks monitor their weight loss and to seek help right away; they may consult a dietician, a fitness instructor or their doctor on the best ways to maintain their ideal weight given their frail state of health.

In people with chronic illnesses – chronic illnesses like cancer need frequent monitoring of not just the patient’s response to treatment but also their weight. This weight loss percentage tool will be able to make an accurate representation of the patient’s weight and to facilitate changes in the treatment of the patient as well.

Weight loss percentage calculators are mostly the same in any site that offers this service. The tool has three boxes: one box to place your previous weight (in either imperial or metric measurements), another box where you will place your current weight and then another box where you will see the results or our percentage weight lost. There are no other buttons or choices to make; everything is straightforward and simple to use.