One of Effective Weight Loss Plans for Teenage Guys / Girls

One of Effective Weight Loss Plans for Teenage Guys / Girls

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Weight loss plans for teenage guys / girls are so many and to not get lost among all this existing information/ data, we’ve come up with an effective weight loss plan for teenage guys/ girls that works to the fullest if used perfectly.

Caution Before Starting Weight Loss Plans for Teenage Guys / Girls:

Before you start with the weight loss plans, remember, skipping meals won’t help you in reducing the weight. When teenage guys/ girls don’t eat food for long hours, their bodies start storing fats and not burn it. This happens because our body does not get any signal when it gets the next meal, hence, it holds the fat and stores more amount of fat when you eat your meals. In most cases, teens have a habit to skip their breakfast as they tend to have it with their friends resulting into eating junk food and other high calorie foods. This unhealthy habit is the main cause of weight gain among the teenage guys / girls.

One of the Weight Loss Plans for Teenage Guys / Girls:

Below is our one of the most effective weight loss plans for guys / girls that works like charm.

1 – Diet:

If you want to see some weight loss results in a right way then you have to change your eating habits. For this purpose, you should eat all your meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack for best weight loss results. Do not skip any meals as skipping them can alter your weight loss goals and you would suffer from bulimia and other health disorders. You can make the best diet chart for yourself and follow it accordingly or set some rules for easy weight loss.

2 – Understand the Best Foods for Your Body:

Once you have made your mind to lose weight, understand the type of food and the amount of servings you should consume for weight loss. According to experts, the basic food pyramid rule for weight loss is:

  • Three servings of fruits on a daily basis
  • Include four servings of green and leafy vegetables daily
  • 5-8 servings of carbohydrates in your diet
  • 4-7 servings of protein rich food
  • 2-4 servings of fats

Select your food accordingly and include the food items for increasing your body’s metabolism rate that can help you to reduce weight.

3 – Make a Menu Chart:

Be creative and make the best diet chart for yourself and don’t forget to include healthy menus as you need some energy to carry your hectic schedule. Here are few diet chart ideas that are helpful in making one’s mind to setup an effective eating schedule:

Breakfast Diet:

Include a wheat toast along with your favorite spread on it. A cereal with some skimmed milk and fruit is the best breakfast for teenage guys / girls.

You can also eat scrambled eggs or boiled eggs in your breakfast for the perfect start of the day.

Lunch Idea:

Most of the teenage guys / girls eat their lunch in their school or college cafeteria. This won’t help you in your weight loss plan as outside food are high in fats and are unhealthy too. Your home cooked food is the best and healthy food that helps in losing weight.

In your lunch box you can get a multi-grain/ whole-wheat bread with a jam or fried egg or with lean chicken, some vegetable salad, and some low fat yogurt.

Such perfect lunch will give you all the essential nutrients and aid in weight loss.

Snack time:

Snack time is the relaxation time and hence, opt for some nuts, some stir fried veggies, butter milk or some fruit.

This is the perfect snack idea for a teenage guy / girl to keep him/ her going with her daily schedule.

There are snacks that help lose weight as well, in case you want to know.


This meal is crucial from the rest of the meals, so smartly plan your dinner.

Eat half of the vegetables and 1/3 of carbohydrates as compared to your afternoon meal. You can cook some brown rice and grilled chicken or grilled fish with some spices and less oil. If you want to eat some vegetarian diet, you can also eat vegetables, beans, or lentils in your main course. Kidney beans, and pinto beans would make a great dinner for you. You can eat a fresh fruit once you finish with your dinner.

4 – Drink Lots of Water:

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily aids in healthy weight loss.[1]

Water throws out the unwanted toxins from the body and also keeps your brain active and sharp. Staying hydrated is the key to weight loss.

This is one of the easiest and most effective way to lose weight in any of weight loss plans for teenage guys / girls.

5 – Moderate Food Intake:

For a healthy weight loss, remember, you need not cut down on all the foods immediately.

Have everything in moderation as your body is used to those food items. A Sudden cut down of certain food items won’t be accepted by your body and hence, your weight loss plan would hamper. So eat everything in moderation without completely skipping any particular food from your diet plan.

The only thing you should cut down completely is the fast food like pizzas, burgers, chips, candies, soft drinks, and other junk foods. These foods are unnatural and contain higher amount of calories in them

6 – Exercise:

Exercising in the right way is essential for teenage guys / girls to lose weight effectively.

Sitting for long hours on a couch watching television or spending most of the time in coffee shop makes your body dull and lethargic.

Exercise is the key for weight loss among the adults as well as for the teens. Exercises burn the extra calories and shed those extra pounds. Teenage guys / girls have a complete exercise regime as compared with the other age group girls. For those who are in mid 20’s, gym exercise is the best for weight loss. But, teenage girls should not follow the machine exercise as their body can’t accept the harsh exercise patterns.

Other than gym, you can simply follow some crunches after you finish watching TV or once you wake up in the morning, you can go for a 30 minutes jog or walk. Apart from this, you can simply take your bicycle and go along with your friends, which can be enjoyable as well as healthy way to lose weight.

There also exist quick weight loss exercises in case you want to know.

Mentioned above plan of weight loss plans for teenage guys / girls can make miracles happen in losing weight. Stay active for the whole day for a successful weight loss plan. Take motivation from your parents or friends to keep you focused on your weight loss goal.