The Apple Diet & 7-Day Apple Diet Plan that Works

The apple diet is still one of the most effective diet plans there are, that aid when it comes to losing weight effectively and safely. That said, if you are looking to lose weight both safely and effectively with a diet plan, 7-day apple diet plan might be something worth looking at.

7-day apple diet plan is solely composed of eating apples and water – if you are eating apples only, with lots of water, you’re meant to be experimenting/ using the apple diet plan.

How the Apple Diet Plan is Effective?

The apple diet plan is effective because of its ingredients which are apples and water. Both of these ingredients are much helpful when it comes to getting healthier and in shape.

Following are some of the benefits of apples and water separately that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of 7-day apple diet plan (apple diet for 1 week).


  • Apples are full of vital nutrients
  • Apples are one of the most effective fat burning foods that exist
  • Apples are low in calories thus allow you to lose weight
  • Apples help improve your metabolism
  • Apples fight cancer
  • Apples help cure bowel movement
  • Apples help improve digestive system


  • Water keeps you fuller all day long
  • Water helps improve metabolism
  • Water helps your body to function normally

The Apple Diet – 7-Day Apple Diet:

There are many apple diets based on days when it comes to the apple diet plan but we’ll be focusing on a weekly apple diet aka 7-day apple diet plan (apple diet for 1 week).

Unlike many others diet, this is one of the easiest diets that exist – it doesn’t include to prepare anything nor to cook, all you have to do is to is drink lots of water and eat 4-5 pounds of apples daily. You might get hungry even after eating those apples – it’s because apples are low in calories. When that happens, you can eat more apples – that’s fine.

After getting started with this 7-day apple diet plan (apple diet for 1 week), you might start to feel bloated and constipated as well – that’s because you are supposed to adjust to any diet initially. Once you are used to it, your digestive system will work just fine since apple itself is a digestive system improviser.

In times of constipation, you can juice apples as well if you want – but try to eat apples as it is most effective way to get healthier.

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