Weight Loss and Its Definition

Being fat has the ability to make you face many diseases and harsh aspects of life which we believe you don’t want to go through.

To get rid of fat and get into shape with a healthy body, you have to lose weight – losing of weight is termed as ‘Weight Loss‘.

Definition of Weight Loss:

Basically, weight loss is a process in which we try to lessen the body mass, that could be because of lessening in fluid, adipose tissues, tendon, lean mass, body fat, muscles, and other related tissues that exist in your body.

Note: Too much loss of weight might be a disease as well (there are causes of weight loss) – you have to be sure whether your weight loss is natural or not (is it caused by something that you did intentionally to lose your weight or is it a disease).

Pathways to Weight Loss:

There are two ways that cause you to lose weight:

  1. Your body fat is not up to the requirements which caused you to lose weight (it can be a disease too or emotional problem like stress – stress causes weight loss too).
  2. You are intentionally putting all your efforts into making yourself slim and smart by indulging yourself in different activities that help in weight loss.
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