What Exercise to Gain Weight Actually Works?

If you don’t know the exercise to gain weight that is proved to be aiding and resulting, then this article is for you – it is to keep in mind that this article covers the effective exercises to gain weight that work and not all of the exercises that exist.

Exercise to Gain Weight – Overview:

Having a lean and mean body requires not only dedication but also hard work. After all, there is nothing in this world you can get instantly and without any effort. Even instant coffee needs you to boil water, take the coffee powder and sugar out, put some on your cup, and stir. Similarly, you will need to work hard if you want to get your dream body.

The only question to ask here is this: what exercise to gain weight is most beneficial? To get to answer this question, read the section below.

What Exercise to Gain Weight is Most Beneficial?

According to us, the exercise mentioned below is our favorite yet effective exercise to gain weight that includes 10 crucial areas of our body.

Of course, we can’t cover all of them here since that will take a very long time.

Nonetheless, let us look at 5 areas and their accompanying exercises that will allow you to gain muscles and, at the same time, develop your strength, stability, and endurance among others.


Bench Press – an old-school technique that mainly builds your chest muscles, the bench press is an effective upper body exercise that can quickly add real mass on your frame.

Aside from the chest, the bench press can also help you tone your triceps and shoulder muscles as well as your core stabilizer.

One thing you have to remember with bench press, though, is that you should have a trainer or assistant near you for when you start feeling tired or sore. Otherwise, you will end up with various torn tissues.

Flat DB Chest Press – the flat dumbbell chest press is similar to the bench press in that it targets your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

The difference is that there are separate weights for your hands and arms to move, allowing for stabilizing muscles to perform better and helping you develop more functional strength.


Bent Over Barbell Rows – an intensive upper body exercise that targets the various upper body muscles including the latissimus dorsi, biceps, posterior deltoid, and trapezius muscles, bent over barbell rows stabilizes your spinal muscles, consequently improving your posture and diminishing muscle fatigue and pain that you acquire during training.

It helps you gain more functional strength as you gradually increase the weights attached to your barbell.

Close Grip Chin Ups – a great way to develop a healthy back, strength, and muscle endurance, close grip chin ups allows you to moderately work your shoulders’ back muscles.

As a result, you are able to work out longer and even strengthen your cardiovascular system.


Weighted Ball Sit-ups – probably one of the easiest yet most effective abdominal exercises today, weighted ball sit-ups allow for much freedom when it comes the variations you can do.

Although it mainly targets your abdominal muscles, since you are elevated through the ball, you are also able to work out your legs and core stabilizing muscles.

Weighted Cable Crunches – a simple but efficient exercise, weighted cable crunches made for an intense, isolated abdominal workout.

Usually, it is done kneeling but variations like using a bench and working out with legs stretched or doing one arm crunches will allow you target every part of your abs, producing a beautifully sculpted stomach in the process.

Lower Back

Good Morning – some believe that picking up weights and lifting them can be very dangerous, if poorly executed. At such, the good-morning exercise is developed.

This exercise mainly targets your hamstrings and lower back and resembles bowing to someone.

The good-morning exercise is great for developing lifting strength, reducing injury risks for most weight-lifting-related routines.


Squats – the primary exercise for quads development, squats help in increasing your leg muscle power and reaction time.

As it is proven to help release anabolic growth hormones and much-needed testosterone, it is an effective muscle-gaining exercise for both your lower and upper body.

It is also a useful training for correct postures, balance, and connective tissue enhancement.

Lunges – if you want your quads muscle to really increase its strength and, at the same time, help you tone other areas of your middle and lower bodies, then lunges will be the perfect exercise for you.

With lunges, you can target not only your quads but you can also work out your hips, butt, thighs, and abdomen.

Bodybuilding Tips to Remember:

Now, you already know the best exercise to gain weight.

Before you do start getting on an intensive workout routine exercise (weight training), there are several things you need to know, especially if you are the skinny guy type who wishes to develop an envy-inducing body. What are these tips?

Tip 1: Work Out Everyday

The best way to really get your dream body is to work out every day.

Skipping a day will only break your habit and might lead to you developing fats instead of muscles. of course, you do not need to do intensive training every day; what we are simply saying here is that you must have a definite schedule and exercise routine for every day of the week.

You can have abdominal and arm muscles training one day, lower body training the next, a mix on the third day, simple lunges and crunches on the fourth, and so on.

Also, remember to eat well with an effecting eating schedule.

Tip 2: Learn to Take a Rest

You want to get a great body, not go to the hospital. Although it is crucial to work out every day, you have to learn to do things moderately.

Learn proper time and workout management: have workout time, mealtime, and rest time – that is the key to getting weight made of real mass and muscles.

Tip 3: Get a Mentor

Sometimes, it is not enough to work out by ourselves, especially if it is your first time getting into a deep, intensive training. At such cases, it is most beneficial to get a professional instructor who can help you get the most out of your training routines.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing and working out with the right exercises to gain weight for men can immensely help in your goal to gain and develop muscles.

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