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When to Take BCAAs: Best Time to Take BCAA

when to take bcaas best time to take bcaa

If you are trying to know when to take BCAAs or what’s the best time to take BCAA, you’ve come to the very fine place; not only will we share with you what should be considered the best time when it comes to taking BCAAs but also help you understand what is it and if it actually works for you to build muscles and get healthier.

By saying that, let’s get started first with sharing what BCAA stands for and what does it do.

BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids that are many of the amino acids required to build one’s body and grow one’s muscles. In Short, BCAA helps build and grow muscle. In the same way, BCAA supplements consist those 3 required amino acids that are essential to grow muscles – it therefore is a good idea to use BCAA supplements to help build muscle easily and effectively.

These supplements can be found in many forms: tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders.

It is also believed that BCAA work better than protein powders when it comes to building muscles effectively and safely.

When to Take BCAAs – Best Time to Take BCCA:

Now that you have a partial idea of what BCAAs are and what do they do, you might be wondering when to take BCAAs for maximized and optimized results. If so, there surely is an answer to that query which is:

“Best time to take BCCA is before or after workout – if you are about to start working out, take some BCCA in any form you’d like to, 6 minutes prior to your workout OR if you are done working out, taking BCCA in any form of your choice after 6 minutes could aid a lot when it comes to maximizing the outcome one would want with BCAAs.”

How Much BCAA to Take:

Another question that arises after getting done with knowing when to take BCAA is how much BCAA to take (how much BCAAs are to be consumed) in order stay safe and build muscle at the same time. This is what we have to say on this:

  • People weighing less than or equal to 150 pounds should be taking 4 grams of BCAAs prior to, or after working out.
  • People weighing more than 150 pounds should be taking 8 grams of BCAAs prior to, or after working out.

It is to remind you that these supplements only work effectively with a workout plan – you won’t see any results if you are only consuming these supplements without working out. It also is to remind you that consumption of these supplements at the time of workouts (prior to, or after) works best to maximize the results – you will more likely be able to see the maximized result when consumption of these supplements take place just before or after any workout schedule than you will see if you consume them long time after or before your workout schedule.

Taking BCAAs in the morning just after you wake up could help prevent muscle breakdown as well which is caused by fasting when you were asleep.