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Why Do People Gain Weight

why do people gain weight

For all those people who slog in the gyms and are always guarded about the food they eat, the question “why do people gain weight” definitely sounds absurd. However, there are a lot of people, who are rather skinny and would love to have more flesh on their bones. After all, looking good is not about being devoid of every ounce of fat in the body; it is all about having the right contours and fat in the right places. Furthermore, a number other reasons such as anemia, severe weakness, eligibility into certain sports and self confidence make a skinny person want to build some bulk. If you are trying to gain weight, you can try our list of ways to gain weight faster.

Just as when you want to lose weight, you should focus on natural weight loss, the same is true with weight gain.  You want to do it naturally.  Just as there is food that helps you gain weight, there are foods that help you lose weight.  There are also healthy diet recipes you can use for both gaining and losing weight.

Why Do People Gain Weight – Reasons:

  • A lot of physical and anatomical changes take place in the body as a child grows into puberty. While some teens fill out and get stunning bodies, others tend to remain skinny and inconspicuous. In a stage that is so delicate and sensitive such as the teens, not having a filled out body can have devastating repercussions on the self confidence and self-esteem of a teenager. So, looking good is one of the main motives behind wanting to gain weight.
  • If you are into sports, you will be aware of the fact that in almost every sport, especially boxing and weight lifting, weight is one of the important criteria for eligibility. A person who is very skinny can be deemed ineligible for the sport because he is underweight. In spite of being good at the sport, he cannot make it to the team unless he gains some weight. This is a major consideration when high level inter-state or inter-country sports meets take place. Furthermore, a person requires a minimum weight so as to be able to take the stress and strain of rigorous coaching sessions and games because fats are burnt to generate the extra energy required.
  • Several people try to gain weight in order to gain health. People who are very lean can run the risk of having weak immunity and resistance. Owing to their low muscle mass, they face tougher health conditions as they grow older. Further, extreme thinness can give rise to other problems such as hormone imbalance, low bone density, irregularity in menstruation and poor hair and skin.

While it is good to gain weight for certain people, they need to ensure that their weight shifts into the normal Body Mass Index range. Consuming tested and approved weight gainer drinks and foods can help in gaining healthy weight. Wanting to put on weight does not mean heaping on too many sweats and saturated fatty foods.